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Birker Fell Road (pass)


In everything except name, the Birker Fell road which links Eskdale and Duddon Valley is just what you'd expect from a Lake District pass, steep and twisting at each end with fantastic views from the higher sections. However, rather than being the normal straight up and then down the other side type of pass this one takes you across quite a long stretch of high, wild and lonely moorland. Regardless of this it still fulfils its requirements by offering a the short and direct route between two neighbouring valleys.

The pass is crossed at the Eskdale end by a route linking Dalegarth Hall with Devoke Water and west coast beyond that. I can only assume that this is a long established route (another pass ???) possibly for the benefit of the Stanleys who owned extensive lands in this area including Devoke Water itself.

Along the highest section of the route you find yourself close to Woodend Bridge which is used to gain access to the tiny hamlet of Woodend; originally a Quaker settlement where several of the original buildings are still in use today.
The Quakers up here had their own walled burial ground nearby on the fell side. There was also a second burial ground elsewhere in the Duddon valley. This community had its origins in the 1652 visit of George Fox of Swarthmoor near Ulverston


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27th May 2012
  Walking the Lakeland Passes - Walk 17 - Grassguards and Birker Fell 19 mile 2900 ft
Brotherilkeld - Jubilee Bridge - Grassguards - Seathwaite - Duddon Valley - Ulpha - Ulpha Church - Birker Fell Road - Forge Bridge - Eskdale - Eskdale Church - Low Birker Farm - Doctor Bridge - Brotherilkeld

9th April 2010
  Hesk Fell and The Pike 5.7 mile 1390 ft
Birker Fell Road - Woodend Bridge - Hesk Fell - Copper Mines - The Pike - Crosbythwaite Bridge - Birker Fell Road

26th September 2006
  A walk around the remote area near Devoke Water. 4.5 mile 676 ft
Birker Fell Road - Devoke Water - un-named peak - Water Crag - Rough Crag - Birker Fell Road

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