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Coledale Hause (pass)


Coledale Hause touches the 2000ft asl mark by a mere whisker and in this compact area full of high fells and interlinking ridges, it offers the only realistic route straight through the fells between Lorton on one side and Braithwaite on the other. The two opposing sides of the pass really couldn't be more different. The Braithwaite side has a long level walk in with extensive views across open country, whereas Gasgale Gill is enclosed by the towering Whiteside ridge and the northern side of Grasmoor. Coledale is certainly the more picturesque, while Gasgale Gill is the more rugged and exciting of the two sides.
Gasgale Gill has some small but very attractive waterfalls which are well worth a few moments of any ones time.

Unlike most passes, the route across the highest section of Coledale Hause is not as clearly defined as you'd expect. If you actually stick to the available paths, this route does not maintain a straight line across the summit which could lead to the inexperienced walker inadvertently continuing up to Wandope Moss in poor visibility.

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2nd July 2014
  Grisedale Pike, Hopegill Head and Force Crag Mine 7.6 mile 2600 ft
Kin - Lanty Well - Sleet How - Grisedale Pike - Hopegill Head - Sand Hill - Coledale Hause - Force Crag Mine - track back to the car park

5th December 2012
  Grisedale Pike, Grasmoor and Wandope 9.8 mile 3300 ft
Whinlatter Pass (bottom) - Kinn - Grisedale Pike - Coledale Hause - Grasmoor - Wandope Moss - Wandope - Wandope Moss - Coledale Hause - Coledale - Whinlatter Pass (bottom)

15th March 2012
  Walking the Lakeland Passes - Walk 2 - Newlands Pass & Coledale Hause 16 mile 3600 ft
Braithwaite - Newlands Pass - Buttermere - Lanthwaite Green - Gasgale Gill - Coledale Hause - Braithwaite

11th December 2011
  Barrow and Coledale 6.1 mile 1800 ft
Braithwaite - Braithwaite Lodge - Barrow - Barrow Door - High Moss - Birkthwaite Beck - Coledale - Braithwaite

19th May 2011
  A surprise meeting on a walk over Grisedale Pike 6.8 mile 2500 ft
Whinlatter Pass road - Kin - Lanty Well - Sleet How - Grisedale Pike - Coledale Hause - sheepfold below Eel Crag - near Force Crag Mine - path above Coledale Beck back to Whinlatter Pass

19th July 2008
  Up in the cloud on Whiteside and Hopegill Head 5 mile 2375 ft
Lanthwaite Green - Whin Ben - Whiteside - Whiteside Ridge - Hopegill Head - Sand Hill - Coledale Hause - Gasgale Gill - Liza Beck - Lanthwaite Green

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