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Floutern Pass


Compared to many of the other Lakeland passes, Floutern Pass offers a relatively easy crossing. The pass links Ennerdale and Buttermere and if ever you walk this route you'll notice there are no really steep sections, no hairpin zigzags and no crags to negotiate. One thing you will find here is water, particularly along the southern end of Mosedale where numerous gills and becks all converge to make a very wet area indeed.
On a positive note, those who relish areas of seclusion will love it here. Even on the busiest days of the year you'll rarely meet more then a handful of other people through here.

Edwin Waugh speaks of Floutern Pass in his 1861 book "Rambles in the Lake country" and he says the following:
"This bleak pass was all trembling swamp, soaked with the recent rains; and though we kept the track pretty well, such as it was, there was more wading than dry walking in it." later on he goes on to say "We lost the main path so oft, that, at last, we gave it up altogether, and went ahead the best way we could, taking advantage of any little sheep-walk that led our way. It was a rough bit of travelling, but we got through it merrily."

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31st March 2012
  Walking the Lakeland Passes - Walk 7 - Floutern Pass 12.9 mile 3700 ft
Bowness Knott - Floutern Pass - Floutern Tarn - Mosedale - Scale Force - Buttermere (lake) - Bleaberry Tarn - Red Pike - Ennerdale

11th July 2009
  Great Borne, Starling Dodd and Mosedale 7.7 mile 3100 ft
Bowness Knott, Ennerdale - Rake Beck - Great Borne - Scaw Well - Starling Dodd - Scale Beck - Scale Force - South end of Mosedale - Floutern Tarn - Rake Beck - Borness Knott, Ennerdale

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