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Mardale Corpse Road (pass)


It is quite difficult for us modern folk living in the 20th & 21st centuries to imagine the hardships that people used to endure in previous centuries. Not least of these hardships was the need to transport their dead to the nearest consecrated ground. Obviously this only affected isolated rural communities such as some of those found in the Lake District. There are actually quite a few corpse roads dotted about Lakeland, the two most well know being Burnmoor and this one known as the Old Corpse Road.

The last occasion when the route was used for this purpose was in 1736. Sadly however, the village of Mardale Green was flooded in the 1930's to allow the valley to be turned into a reservoir. The irony is that the bodies in Mardale Green were then exhumed and reburied at Shap with their ancestors.

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26th September 2015 - Visiting the Lake District Tarns - Walk No 68
  Tarns from Swindale 14.4 mile 3300 ft
Swindale - Swindale Head - Mardale Corpse Road - Selside Pike - Captain Whelter Bog - Howes - Branstree Tarn - Branstree - Selside Brow - Tarn Crag - Greycrag Tarn - Grey Crag - Harrop Pike - Brunt Tongue - Mosedale Beck - Swindale

25th May 2013
  Seclusion among the far eastern fells 11.4 mile 3300 ft
Mardale Head - Gatescarth Pass - Brownhowe Bottom - Tarn Crag - Grey Crag - Harrop Pike - off path to Selside Brow - Branstree - Artle Crag - Captain Whelter Bog - Sellside Pike - Selside End - Hare Shaw - Old Corpse Road - Haweswater - Mardale Head

11th August 2012
  Walking the Lakeland Passes - Walk 21 - Mardale Corpse Road and Mosedale Crossing 22.8 mile 4400 ft
Mardale Corpse Road - Swindale - Keld - Shap - A6 - Wet Sleddale - Mosedale Cottage - Brownhowe Bottom - Sadgill - Brownhowe Bottom - Mardale Head

30th July 2011
  A long day among the Shap fells. 16.5 mile 3300 ft
Wet Sleddale Reservoir - Sleddale Hall - Seat Robert - Scam Matthew - Mosedale Cottage - Gatescarth Pass - Branstree - Artle Crag - Selside Pike - Hobgrumble Gill - Nabs Crag - Forces Falls - Swindale Head - Swindale - Truss Gap - road near Tailbert - road to Coopers Green - Wet Sleddale Reservoir

22nd September 2007
  Seclusion at a cottage, but no corpses on the road 8.9 mile 2600 ft
Mardale Head - Gatescarth Pass - Brownehowe Bottom - Mosedale Cottage - Selside Brow - Branstree - Branstree Tarn - Selside Pike - Old Corpse Road - Haweswater - Mardale Head

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