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Mosedale Crossing (pass)


This route goes through a wonderfully remote area and offers the modern fell walker that illusive seclusion most of us crave. I suspect however, the people who regularly used this route to transport goods using packhorse trains or the Drovers who took their cattle and sheep through here would have preferred it to be a little less bleak and a little drier under foot. I also suspect that due to regular use by such large numbers of animals, the route was more distinct in those days than it is now.

There were a couple of different options for the Drover to use but this route was definitely in regular use and does provide as straightforward a route as you could expect across this area. This route was the final leg of a series of passes and roads used to link the cattle and sheep fairs held on the west coast with the main road running from Scotland to the major cities of England; all of which needed meat.

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11th August 2012
  Walking the Lakeland Passes - Walk 21 - Mardale Corpse Road and Mosedale Crossing 22.8 mile 4400 ft
Mardale Corpse Road - Swindale - Keld - Shap - A6 - Wet Sleddale - Mosedale Cottage - Brownhowe Bottom - Sadgill - Brownhowe Bottom - Mardale Head

4th September 2011
  High Street to Shipman Knotts from Mardale Head 13 mile 4100 ft
Mardale Head - the Rigg - Rough Crag - Caspel Gate Tarn - Long Stile - High Street - Mardale Ill Bell - top of Nan Bield Pass - Harter Fell - The Knowe - Kentmere Pike - Goat Scar - Shipman Knotts - Sadgill - Brownhowe Bottom - Gatescarth Pass - Mardale Head

30th July 2011
  A long day among the Shap fells. 16.5 mile 3300 ft
Wet Sleddale Reservoir - Sleddale Hall - Seat Robert - Scam Matthew - Mosedale Cottage - Gatescarth Pass - Branstree - Artle Crag - Selside Pike - Hobgrumble Gill - Nabs Crag - Forces Falls - Swindale Head - Swindale - Truss Gap - road near Tailbert - road to Coopers Green - Wet Sleddale Reservoir

22nd September 2007
  Seclusion at a cottage, but no corpses on the road 8.9 mile 2600 ft
Mardale Head - Gatescarth Pass - Brownehowe Bottom - Mosedale Cottage - Selside Brow - Branstree - Branstree Tarn - Selside Pike - Old Corpse Road - Haweswater - Mardale Head

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