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Ore Gap (pass)


The Cistercian Abbey in Furness was founded in 1127 and was eventually to become one of the wealthiest in the country. Not only did they own lands in various other parts of England, but they were in possession of substantial areas of the Lake District. In 1209 the monks bought most of Borrowdale. And although Borrowdale is relatively close to their Abbey at Furness, travelling between the two places was by no means an easy undertaking. In 1242 they purchased Brotherilkeld Farm and a large part of Upper Eskdale, thus providing them with lands between the abbey and Borrowdale.

For anyone walking between Brotherlilkeld and Borrowdale, Ore Gap provides one of two obvious crossing points; the other being Esk Hause. Various sources tell us that Ore Gap was the route used for the monks of Furness Abbey, so from Ore Gap it would make sense for them to have continued into Langstrath and then into Borrowdale. When this route is viewed on a modern map, it shows an almost straight line journey through an area which is still viewed as difficult and remote terrain even in our modern times.

This is by no means an easy walk and should not be attempted by those with limited experience. Parts of the route is through confusing pathless terrain, and if you do happen to walk all the way from one end to the other, you re faced with a long tiring walk back.





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21st July 2012
  Walking the Lakeland Passes - Walk 20 - Ore Gap and Esk Hause 21.4 mile 5500 ft
Brotherilkeld - Lingcove Bridge - Lingcove Beck - Yeastyrigg Gill - Ore Gap - Angle Tarn - Angletarn Gill - Langstrath - Stonethwaite - Seathwaite - Stockley Bridge - Grains Gill - Ruddy Gill - Esk Hause - Sampson's Stones - Scale Bridge - Taw House - Brotherilkeld

13th January 2012
  Using all available daylight - Bow Fell to Allen Crags 10.8 mile 4100 ft
Old Dungeon Ghyll - Stool End - The Band - Climbers Traverse - next to the Great Slab - Bow Fell - Ore Gap - Esk Pike - Esk Hause - Calf Cove - Great End - Esk Hause - Allen Crags - Angle Tarn - Rossett GillMickelden - Old Dungeon Ghyll

27th February 2010
  Snowy Bow Fell and Esk Pike 7.5 mile 3200 ft
Old Dungeon Gill Hotel - Stool End - The Band - Three Tarns - Bow Fell - Ore Gap - Esk Pike - Esk Hause - Angle Tarn - Rossett Pass - Mickleden - Old Dungeon Gill Hotel

20th October 2007
  Boulders, crags and scree - Bow Fell to Rossett Pike 8.2 mile 3050 ft
Old Dungeon Gill - Stool End - The Band - Climbers Traverse - Bow Fell - Ore Gap - Angle Tarn - Rossett Pike - Rossett Gill - Mickleden - Old Dungeon Gill

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