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Rossett Pass


Because of its long middle section with lots of options for deviation, I doubt that the whole of this route can rightly be described as being the same pass. The Langdale side as far as Angle Tarn can certainly be called Rossett Pass, but then you have the erroneous section which crosses just below Esk Hause, past Sprinkling Tarn and down to Sty Head. Once at Sty Head the route more or less hijacks the Sty Head Pass route into Wasdale Head. Despite our modern way of over analysing things to create confusion, this was in fact a route used by the many packhorse trains that criss-crossed the fells in days gone by. For what ever reason however, it failed to achieve the 'official' name of Rossett Pass; whatever official actually means.

The expression 'Beggars can't be choosers' comes to mind with Rossett Pass. The simple fact is that there just isn't a more straightforward route between Wasdale and Langdale than this one and as such, anyone needing to cross between the two valleys had no choice but to take this option; as difficult as it may be. Fell walkers today relish the thrill of the crags, the precipices and the successful crossing of large area of rocks and scree on the Langdale side of the pass, but lets not forget the men who pioneered these routes which we have adopted. They didn't come here for the thrill or for any sort of enjoyment, they were the HGV drivers of the day, transporting good across the country using packhorse trains. This was hard and often dangerous work.

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19th July 2015 - Visiting the Lake District Tarns - Walk No 63
  Stickle Tarn, Stake Pass Tarn and Angle Tarn 8.6 mile 2600 ft
ODG - Stickle Ghyll - Stickle Tarn - Harrison Stickle - east side of Harrison Combe - Martcrag Moor - Stake Pass Tarn - Angle Tarn - Rossett Pass - Mickleden - ODG

10th August 2013
  Bow Fell to Rossett Pike 9 mile 3100 ft
Old Dungeon Gill - Stool End Farm - The Band - Three Tarns - Bow Fell - Ore Gap - Pike De Bield - Ore Gap - Angle Tarn - Rossett Pike - Rossett Pass - Mickleden - Old Dungeon Gill

6th April 2013
  A magical day walking from Esk Pike to Loft Crag 10.5 mile 4000 ft
Old Dungeon Ghyll - Mickleden - Rossett Gill - Angle Tarn - Ore Gap - Esk Pike - Esk Hause - Engle Tarn - Rossett Pike - top of Stake Pass - Martcrag Moor - Pike O'Stickle - Loft Crag - Mark Gate - Old Dungeon Ghyll

12th July 2012
  Walking the Lakeland Passes - Walk 19 - Rossett Pass and Stake Pass 17.9 mile 5500 ft
Wasdale Head - Styhead Pass - Sprinkling Tarn - Rossett Pass - Mickelden - Stake Pass - Langstrath - Stonethwaite - Seathwaite - Styhead Pass - Wasdale Head

28th January 2012
  Great End, Scafell Pike, Corridor Route and Styhead Pass 10 mile 3300 ft
Seathwaite - Stockley Bridge - Grains Gill - Ruddy Gill - Esk Hause - Calf Cove - Great End - Scafell Pike - Corridor Route - Styhead Tarn - Styhead Pass - Stockley Bridge - Seathwaite

20th December 2011
  Bow Fell, Angle Tarn and Rossett Pass 7.8 mile 2900 ft
Old Dungeon Gill - Stool End Farm - The Band - Three Tarns - Bow Fell - Ore Gap - Angle Tarn - Rossett Pass - Mickleden - Old Dungeon Gill

20th October 2007
  Boulders, crags and scree - Bow Fell to Rossett Pike 8.2 mile 3050 ft
Old Dungeon Gill - Stool End - The Band - Climbers Traverse - Bow Fell - Ore Gap - Angle Tarn - Rossett Pike - Rossett Gill - Mickleden - Old Dungeon Gill

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