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Walna Scar Road


The industrious hand of man is evident along most of this route. More so on the Coniston side where centuries of mining and quarrying have left huge scars on the fellside, and although it may not be to the same extent, the Duddon Valley side did not remain unscathed. Anyone with an interest in old mines and quarries will love the walk over here.

Even in the most dire of conditions it's hard to imagine anyone loosing their way along this track. Perhaps with the exception of walking through deep snow in a blizzard.

These days the only wheeled vehicles using this pass are mountain bikers and off road motor vehicles. In the past however, slate from the quarries would have been transported down on horse and cart. Thank heavens the metalled road at each side of the pass ends in a sensible place, otherwise there would be a car park, an ice cream van and litter at the top.

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2nd May 2015 - Visiting the Lake District Tarns - Walk No 42
  The Coniston Tarns 12.4 mile 4900 ft
Coniston - Miners Bridge - Hole Rake Tarn - Wetherlam Tarns - Wetherlam - Black Sails - Sam Bottom - Levers Water - Boulder Valley - Low Water - Coniston Old Man - Goat's Hawse - Goat's Water - The Cove - Walna Scar Road - Blind Tarn - Walna Scar Road - Boo Tarn - Coniston

3rd August 2013
  Dow Crag to Wetherlam 12.3 mile 4500 ft
Fellgate - Walna Scar Road - Brown Pike - Buck Pike - Dow Crag - Goat's Hawse - Coniston Old Man - Brim Fell - Levers Hawse - Fairfield - Gray Friar - Fairfield - Great Cars - Swirl How - Prison Band - Wetherlam - Hole Rake - Levers Water Beck - Fellgate

1st April 2012
  Walking the Lakeland Passes - Walk 8 - Walna Scar Road 11.2 mile 3700 ft
Coniston - Walna Scar Road - Seathwaite Tarn - Goats Hawse - Walna Scar Road - Coniston

16th October 2010
  Coniston Old Man, Dow Crag and Walna Scar Road 8.8 mile 3200 ft
Coniston - Walna Scar Road - Low Water - Coniston Old Man - Brim Fell - Goat's Hawse - Dow Crag - Buck Pike - Brown Pike - Walna Scar Road - Coniston

2nd August 2008
  Seathwaite Tarn, Dow Crag and a big hole on the ground 7 mile 2300 ft
Walna Scar (Duddon Vally end) - Seathwaite Tarn - Near Gill - Far Gill Goat's Hawse - Dow Crag - Buck Pike - Brown Pike - Walna Scar Road (top of) - White Maiden - White Pike - Walna Scar Quarries - Walna Scar Road

8th June 2008
  Caw to Dow Crag, and a dried up Seathwaite Tarn 9.3 mile 3370 ft
Seathwaite - Park Head Road - Caw - Pikes - White Pike - White Maiden - Walna Scar Road - Blind Tarn - Buck Pike - Dow Crag - Seathwaite Tarn - Bottom of Walna Scar Road - Dunnon Valley Road - Seathwaite

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