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Wrynose Pass


Wrynose Pass presents another driving challenge for those wishing to test their skills. During the summer months the route gets quite busy and because of the nature of the road, it doesn’t take many vehicles to cause a traffic jam on here. The route which links Little Langdale and Wrynose Bottom, runs near to what was the Roman route between Ambleside and Ravenglass (via Hardknott Fort). So, we can assume that there has been a regularly used route of some sort here for almost 2000 years.
Close to the top of Wrynose Pass, a limestone pillar marks the spot where all three of the old counties of Cumberland, Westmorland and, still in existence today, Lancashire met. Everything changed in 1974 when, as a result of a regional reorganisation, the counties were merged. The result was the end of Westmorland and Cumberland, and the creation of Cumbria. Although I was born in Cumberland, I’ve actually lived most of my life in Cumbria.
It may not be the easiest place for most people to reach, but the top of the pass offers some excellent walking opportunities. Both the Coniston fells and the Crinkle Crags area are within easy reach from the parking spaces at the summit of the pass. To state the obvious, you begin your walk from half way up the fell, which is a bonus to anyone with an ounce of sense.

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2nd June 2012
  Walking the Lakeland Passes - Walk 18 - Hardknott Pass, Wrynose Pass and Blea Tarn Pass 15.6 mile 4400 ft
Brotherilkeld - Hardknott Pass - Cockley Beck - Wrynose Pass - Blea Tarn - ODG - Oxendale - Hell Gill - Three Tarns - Lingcove Beck - Lingcove Bridge - Brotherilkeld

30th August 2010
  Three Shire Stone to Wetherlam and Greenburn 10.1 mile 3400 ft
Three Shire Stone - Wet Side Edge - Fairfield - Grey Friar - Fairfield - Great Carrs - Swirl How - Prison Band - Swirl Hawse - Wetherlam - Swirl Hawse - Sheepfold - Greenburn Reservoir - Greenburn Beck - Bridge End - Fell foot - Wrynose Pass - Three Shire Stone

5th June 2010
  An unusual route from the Three Shire Stone 10.5 mile 3300 ft
Three Shire Stone - High Teighton How - Pike of Blisco - Cold Pike - Crinkle Crags - Three Tarns - Yeastyrigg Gill - Lingcove Beck - Moasdale - Cockley Beck - Wrynose Bottom - Three Shire Stone

11th October 2008
  Pike O'Blisco, Cold Pike and Wrynose Pass 8.9 mile 3170 ft
Old Dungeon Ghyll - Wall End - Redacre Gill - Pike O'Blisco - Cold Pike - Red Tarn - Three Shire Stone - Wrynose Pass - Fell Foot - Blea Tarn - Wall End - Old Dungeon Ghyll

29th August 2005
  Three fells from the Three Shires Stone. 6.7 mile 2949 ft
Three Shire Stone - Red Tarn - Pike O'Blisco - Cold Pike - Crinkle Crags - Great Knott - Red Tarn - Three Shire Stone

7th August 2005
  A walk from Elterwater through Little and Great Langdale valleys. 10.9 mile 2382 ft
Elterwater - Little Langdale - Fell Foot - Blea Tarn - Lingmoor Fell - Great Langdale - Chapel Stile - Elterwater

9th July 2005
  A walk from the Three Shire Stone to three of the Coniston fells. 7.1 mile 2969 ft
Three Shire Stone - Wet Side Edge - Great Carrs - Swirl How - Prison Band - Wetherlam - Greenburn Mine - Wrynose Pass - Three Shire Stone

21st April 2005
  A walk from the Three Shire Stone - Pike O'blisco and Lingmoor Fell. 6.8 mile 3009 ft
Three Shire Stone - Red Tarn - Pike O Blisco - Lingmoor Fell - Blea Tarn - Wrynose Pass - Three Shire Stone

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