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This particular tarn is the largest of the three Blea tarns named in the Lake District. The tarn itself is relatively easy to reach, both from Dob Gill (Thirlmere) or from the lovely hamlet of Watenlath. The big 'however' for this tarn is its unfortunate location, right in the middle of the notoriously boggy central ridge. An place with an acceptable reputation for being the boggiest area in the Lake District, and not somewhere you want to stray into during poor visibility.

At close quarters the tarn may, for the more difficult to impress visitor, look more than just a little bit unattractive. If on the other hand you happen to be ascending Ullscarf via the Standing Crag route, then you'll pass several fine vantage points where you may be inclined to modify a somewhat less than favourable opinion of the tarn. Particularly from Standing Crag itself where you're offered a spectacular view of the tarn and the fells to the north and west.

Having visited this tarn in almost every weather imaginable, from scorching hot summer days to rain, snow and frost in winter, I have to admit that several bad experiences have educated me to the fact that this is an area best kept for the middle of a drought or during a period of hard frosts.

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Blea Tarn (the big one) and Standing Crag Tarn (the smaller ones).

It was far from cold but there was a strong wind blowing across here. Enough to make me seek shelter behind a big rock near Blea Tarn while I had something to eat.






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30th July 2016
  Ullscarf and Grange Fell from Stonethwaite 10.7 mile about 2800 ft
Stonethwaite - Greenup Gill - Greenup Edge - Ullscarf - Standing Crag - Blea Tarn - Watendlath - Puddingstone Bank - Grange Fell - Puddingstone Bank - Above Rosthwaite - Stonethwaite

11th September 2015 - Visiting the Lake District Tarns - Walk No 66
  6 tarns around Ullscarf 10.7 mile 2600 ft
Wythburn - Wyth Burn - Wythburn Head Tarns - The Bog - Greenup Edge - Greenup Edge Tarns - Ullscarf - Standing Crag - Standing Crag Tarn - Blea Tarn - Bell Crags - Launchy Tarn - Brown Rigg - froest track to Harrop Tarn - Dob Gill - Wythburn

17th April 2010
  High Tove, Blea Tarn and Armboth Fell 8.4 mile 1910 ft
Thirlmere Dam - Armboth - High Tove - Middle Crag - Shivery Knott - Blea Tarn - Bell Crags - Armboth Fell - Armboth - Thirlmere Dam

14th December 2003
  Tarn hunting above Thirlmere. 5.2 mile 1788 ft
Dobgill car park - Dobgill - Harrop Tarn - Mosshause Gill - Blea Tarn - Stone Hause - Brown Rigg - Launchy Gill - Launchy Gill Tarn - Cragsteads Gill

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