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Blind Tarn (Coniston)



Perched high in the Coniston fells below Brown Pike, this little gem of a tarn must be seen by so many people from above, yet actually viewed by significantly less people from the waters edge. This is just one of the many tarns in the Lake District that you'll never actually need to pass on route to or from anywhere specific. As a result, the only people who have the opportunity dip a toe in this tarn are those who relish the chance to seek out these illusive areas of Lakeland.




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Map showing the two paths from Walna Scar Road to the tarn.

If you should wish to visit the tarn there are two paths leading off the Coniston side of the Walna Scar Road (see map showing these routes). The lower path is the easiest of the two as it avoids the need to walk down a short section of steep and loose quarry waste, which you'll encounter on the slightly higher alternative. The advantage of the upper path however, is that is passes a couple of interesting old quarry ruins.

Whilst looking across the tarn to the precipitous rocks, crags and scree of Brown Pike, you can't help but feel as though Blind Tarn is being cradled by the mountain, almost akin to a mother holding onto one of her children; and in this case, with no intention of ever letting go. And not quite satisfied with its firm embrace, this mountain hasn't even provided the tarn with an outflow. Hence the name of Blind Tarn.

At a height of over 1800ft, the view from the tarn is spectacular, you have one of the best known fells in the Lake District - Coniston Old Man - on the other side of "The Cove". The icing on this cake however, is the view down to Coniston Water and its surrounding countryside.








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2nd May 2015 - Visiting the Lake District Tarns - Walk No 42
  The Coniston Tarns 12.4 mile 4900 ft
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8th June 2008
  Caw to Dow Crag, and a dried up Seathwaite Tarn 9.3 mile 3370 ft
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