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Four Stones Hill Tarn



Four Stones Tarn is an altogether misleading name. That is if you were relying on the fact that you'd located "four" stones as confirmation that you were indeed in the correct place. Close to the tarn however, you will actually find ancient standing stones, unfortunately only two remain and not the four which were here at one time. In addition to the standing stones found to the west of the tarn, a little to the east is an ancient cairn (burial??).

This shallow little tarn is found in a grassy hollow below Four Stones Hill, itself found on the quiet fells around the wider area of Bampton Common. I always try to have a positive view of everything I see in the Lake District; trying to find beauty in all things, as it were. And while the setting in which the tarn is found cannot be faulted in anyway, I'm afraid the tarn lags behind many of its contemporaries as far as attractiveness goes.


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7th June 2015 - Visiting the Lake District Tarns - Walk No 51
  Four Stones Hill Tarn 5 mile 900 ft
Burnbanks - side of Aika Hill - Four Stones Hill - Four Stones Hill Tarn - Measand Beck - Haweswater shore path - Burnbanks

24th February 2012
  Four Stones Hill and Haweswater 11.6 mile 1800 ft
Burnbanks - Little Birkhouse Hill - Four Stones Hill - Measand Beck - Haweswater lakeside path - Bowderthwaite Bridge - Mardale Head - Road from Mardale Head to Burnbanks

5th April 2009
  An unusual route to High Raise and a change of plan to stay in the sun 11.3 mile 2500 ft
Burnbanks - Haweswater - Sandhill Knotts - Fordingdale Bottom - Measand Beck - Longgrain Beck - High Raise - Red Crag - Wether Hill - Bampton Common - Four Stones Hill - Burnbanks

12th January 2008
  A workers village, ancient stones and a wintry Far Eastern ridge 11.7 mile 2600 ft
Burnbanks - Pinnacle Howe - Four Stones Hill - Low Kop - High Kop - Wether Hill - Red Crag - Redcrag Tarn - Raven Howe - High Raise - Low Raise - Long Grain - Measand End - Measand Beck - Haweswater - Burnbanks

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