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Harrop Tarn



The approach to Harrop Tarn from the Therlmere direction is probably one of the most beautiful of any tarn in the Lake District. There aren’t any panoramic views, and there isn’t any long walk leading to the tarn where you get the chance to view it from many different angles. But when you get that first sight of the water through the trees you can’t help but stop in your tracks. On a warm day with no wind, this is one of the most peaceful setting you will ever find.




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Harrop Tarn was reached in warm sunshine and I saw no reason not to sit down for ten minutes and simply enjoy the place.

Harrop Tarn and Tarn Crags.

Harrop Tarn's outflow into Dob Gill. I remember when this was all thick woodland with hardly any view at all; other than that the tarn itself.




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11th September 2015 - Visiting the Lake District Tarns - Walk No 66
  6 tarns around Ullscarf 10.7 mile 2600 ft
Wythburn - Wyth Burn - Wythburn Head Tarns - The Bog - Greenup Edge - Greenup Edge Tarns - Ullscarf - Standing Crag - Standing Crag Tarn - Blea Tarn - Bell Crags - Launchy Tarn - Brown Rigg - froest track to Harrop Tarn - Dob Gill - Wythburn

13th July 2013
  Ullscarf, Armboth Fell and Thirlmere 9.3 mile 2600 ft
Dobgill - Harrop Tarn - Wythburn Fells - Ullscarf - Standing Crag - Bells Crags - Armboth Fell - Armboth - road back to Dobgill

20th June 2010
  Ullscarf and Wythburn Head 8.3 mile 2240 ft
Dob Gill - Harrop Tarn - Birk Crag - Ullscarf Gill - Ullscarf - Greenup Edge - Middle How - Wythburn Head - Wythburn - Dob Gill

8th April 2007
  The Wythburn Fells route up Ullscarf - to avoid the bank holiday crowds 5.5 mile 1900 ft
Dob Gill - Harrop Tarn - Wythburn Fells (ridge) - Ullscarf - Standing Crag - Mosshouse Gill - Harrop Tarn - Dob Gill

19th November 2005
  A sunny day on Ullscarf 8.1 mile 2064 ft
Dob Gill - Harrop Tarn - Ullscarf - Greenup Edge - Middle How - Wythburn - Dob Gill

17th July 2005
  Out of food, out of water and out of energy - A section of the central ridge and Thirlmere shore path. 10.35 mile 2549 ft
Dob Gill - Harrop Tarn - Bell Crags - Armboth Fell - High Tove - High Seat - Raven Crag - Thirlmere - Dob Gill

14th February 2004
  Ullscarf, Calf Crag, Steel Fell and quite a few tarns. 8.9 mile 2490 ft
Dobgill Car Park - Harrop Tarn - Mosshause Gill - Standing Crag - Ullscarf - Greenup Edge Tarns - Greenup Edge - Brownrigg Moss - Brownrigg Tarn - Calf Crag - Steel Fell Tarn - Steel Fell - Steel End Farm - Dobgill Bridge

14th December 2003
  Tarn hunting above Thirlmere. 5.2 mile 1788 ft
Dobgill car park - Dobgill - Harrop Tarn - Mosshause Gill - Blea Tarn - Stone Hause - Brown Rigg - Launchy Gill - Launchy Gill Tarn - Cragsteads Gill

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