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Haskew Tarn



Not everyone will agree with this, but on the right day this is a wonderful area. You'll discover solitude, wide open spaces and you'll hopefully find it a treat to wander in this beautiful area of the Lake District. On the other hand, if the weather happened to be somewhat less than tolerable, you'll likely think this a place you'll be unlikely to visit again.

The tarn itself is found just to the east of Seat Robert; the most prominent top in the immediate area. Anyone who is less than confident or accurate at navigating off path should aim for Seat Robert and locate the tarn from this convenient vantage point. Be warned though, after period of rain this is a very wet and boggy area indeed.




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27th September 2015 - Visiting the Lake District Tarns - Walk No 69
  Wet Sleddale Reservoir and Haskew Tarn 6.2 mile 1000 ft
Wetsleddale Reservoir - Cooper's Green - Stackhouse Brow - Seat Robert - Haskew Tarn - Sleddale Hall - Wet Sleddale Reservoir

25th July 2009
  Grey Crag and Tarn Crag from Wet Sleddale 14.2 mile 2300 ft
Wet Sleddale - Lunch House - Gray Bull - Sleddale Pike - Great Saddle Crag - Great Yarlside - Harrop Pike - Grey Crag - Tarn Crag - Brunt Tongue - Mosedale Beck - Scam Mathew - High Wether How - Haskew Tarn - Seat Robert - Willy Fold - Cooper's Green - Wet Sladdale

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