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Although High Arnside Tarn and Tarn Hows are practically next door neighbours, and both exist in their present form as a result of the same persons building work, there really is no contest as far as popularity goes. Tarn Hows proudly boasts one million visitors a year. If this figure can be believed I'd say that High Arnside Tarn would be lucky to match in one year the amount of visitors that Tarn Hows receives in a couple of weeks.

Named after the nearby High Arnside Farm, the tarn is artificial and was created by James Marshall of Coniston by the building of the dam at its southern end. This is such a peaceful spot and on a nice warm afternoon it's quite difficult to imagine just how many people are close by "doing" their circuit of Tarn Hows.


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High Arnside Tarn is a little jewel. This one and half acre tarn nestles unseen just off the busy footpath from High Arnside tarn to Tarn Hows, about a mile past Skelwith Bridge on the A595 Coniston Road. The water is 15 minutes walk from the road.

High Arnside holds a stock of wild browns which the Association supplements annually with brown trout averaging 1.25lbs. This is very much a water for the careful imitative angler with small nymphs and dries giving the best results. The trout patrol the shoreline and weedbeds and it can pay to stalk individual fish rather than fish the water blind.

Later in the season weed can be a problem but there are still enough gaps for entertaining sport. The water is not heavily fished. As a beautiful place to spend a couple of hours in the evening or as a change from the busier rainbow trout fisheries – it is hard to beat.

Day permits are available for the tarn which is included in WADAA’s Wild Trout Water permit. The bag limit is two fish, barbless hooks are preferred and the season runs from 15th March to 30th September. April, May, June and September are the best months.













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