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All the books, websites and general acceptance among people is that Foxes Tarn, rather difficult to reach and found high on the fells below Scafell, is the smallest "named" tarn in the Lake District. Having visited almost every tarn in the Lakes over the years, I've often had my doubts about this, but this one removes any uncertainty. I'm not trying to claim that Lang Tarn is the smallest, but I'm confident enough to say that Foxes Tarn is definitely bigger than this.

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And here's Lang Tarn; smallest named tarn in the Lake District. The walking pole was placed there to add scale.




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11th April 2015 - Visiting the Lake District Tarns - Walk No 34
  Tarns between Kirkby Moor and Woodland 9.7 mile 2000 ft
Kirkby Moor - Great Burney - Grey Stone Moss - Little Burney - Subberthwaite Common - Tottlebank Height - Blawith Knott - Lang Tarn - Blawith Knott - Giant's Grave - Woodland Tarn - Woodland Church - Road back to Giant's Grave - Pewet Tarn - Knittleton (Blind) Tarn - Burney Tarn - Kirkby Moor

9th August 2007
  An afternoon in the far south - Blawith Knott and Great Burney 9.1 mile 2030 ft
Grizebeck - Ashlack Hall - Knittleton - Fell Road - Blawith Knott - Tottlebank Height - Lang Tarn - Blawith Knott - Little Burney - Great Burney - Beanthwaite - Grizebeck

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