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Rose Castle Tarn



"Where does it take you if you go through those trees" the couple asked me as I left the main track. When I informed them it took you to Rose Castle Tarn, they said "No, it's called Tarn Hows, and we're walking all the way around it". Despite my best efforts I failed to persuade them that there really are two tarns here. Such is the secrecy of Rose Castle Tarn, unmarked on the map and seemingly joined onto Tarn Hows itself.

But the tarn is indeed independent from Tarn Hows and held in place by a short dam. The tarn is attractive enough in the right conditions, however the most interesting item you're likely to find is the 'hut' which overlooks the tarn.




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24th January 2015 - Visiting the Lake District Tarns - Walk No 6
  Tarns around Holme Fell and Tarn Hows 9.9 mile 1800 ft
Yew Tree Tarn - Yew Tree Farm - Shepherd's Bridge - Holme Ground - Holme Ground Tarn(s) - Hodge Close - High Oxon Fell - High Arnside Tarn - Knipe Fold - Wharton Tarn - Tarn Hows - Rose Castle Tarn - Tom Gill - Yew Tree Tarn

30th March 2008
  Tarn Hows and Black Crag 5.7 mile 1200 ft
Tarn Hows - High Arnside Tarn - Iron Keld Plantation - Black Crag - Iron Keld Plantation - Rose Castle Tarn - Tover Intake - Tarn Hows

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