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Right, it would have been easy to say nowt and you'd never have been any the wiser but there's no point in trying to brush stuff under the carpet so, this is what I found when I reached Scale Ivy Tarn. By the look of that patch of brown, I'm sure there must be water in here sometimes, but today, all I found was grass. Never mind.

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3rd July 2015 - Visiting the Lake District Tarns - Walk No 58
  Tarns between Hawkshead and Windermere 13.7 mile 1900 ft
Hawkshead - Colthouse - Colthouse Plantation - Lily Pond - Guid Posts - Highs Moss Tarn - Scale Head Tarn - Wise Eem Tarn - Three Dubs Tarn - Moss Eccles Tarn - Near Sawrey - Far Sawrey - Scale Ivy Tarn - Windermere Shore path - Belle Grange - Scab Moss - Nor Moss Tarn - High Wray - Blelham Tarn - Hole House - Loanthwaite Lane - Scar House Lane - Hawkshead

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