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Tarn at Leaves? That's a strange name I thought; when I first read it on the map. I should imagine what I did next was the same thing that many other people must do, which was to do a double take, just to be sure I'd read it properly. But Tarn at Leaves is indeed the name of this wonderful tarn. Sadly however, I haven't been able to discover how it came by such an enchanting name.

The tarn is found at the northern end of a long and undulating ridge running from Allen Crags, past Glaramara, Combe Door, a host of tarns and ending at the lower end above Stonethwaite. A full days walk, including a route across the length of the ridge is by far the best way to reach Tarn at Leaves. Although, for those less then keen to undertake an expedition of that length, you can still reach the tarn by taking a much shorter route from the Borrowdale road, entering The Combe and then walking up the fellside near Rottenstone Gill.

Having an unusual beauty is how I'd describe Tarn at Leaves. It's mountain setting among the confusion of rocky outcrops certainly help to make it an attractive place, but the tarn alone still manages to captivate the more appreciative walker. Particularly when viewed from the summit of Bessyboot; which regrettably is quite often the sole aim of may peoples visit to this wonderfully interesting area of the Lake District. Anyone suffering from an inquisitive disposition could spend many enjoyable hours exploring the area around this end of the ridge.





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9th May 2015 - Visiting the Lake District Tarns - Walk No 44
  From Tarn at Leaves to Styhead Tarn 11.6 mile 3600 ft
Seatoller - Strands Bridge - Combe Gill - Tarn at Leaves - Rosthwaite Fell - Combe Door - Combe Head - Glaramara - Lincom Tarns - High House Tarn - Allen Crags - Lower Esk Hause - Sprinkling Tarn - Sprinkling Crag Tarn - Styhead Tarn - Styhead Pass - Stockley Bridge - Seathwaite - Seatoller

14th September 2013
  Seathwaite Fell to Bessyboot 13 mile 4500 ft
Seathwaite - Stockley Bridge - Seathwaite Fell - Sprinkling Tarn - Esk Hause - Great End - Broad Crag - Ill Crag - Esk Hause - Allen Crags - Glaramara - Rosthwaite Cam - Tarn At Leaves - Bessyboot - Combe Gill - Strands Bridge - Seathwaite

11th March 2012
  Allen Crags, Glaramara and Bessyboot 9.5 mile 3200 ft
Seathwaite - Stockley Bridge - Grains Gill - Ruddy Gill - lower Esk Hause - Allen Crags - High House Tarn - Lincomb Tarns - Glaramara - Combe Head - Combe Door - Rosthwaite Cam - Tarn at Leaves - Bessyboot - Combe Gill - Allerdale Ramble back to Seathwaite

29th March 2009
  Seathwaite Fell to Bessyboot 10.9 mile 3600 ft
Seathwaite - Stockley Bridge - Styhead Pass - Seathwaite Fell - Sprinkling Tarn - Allen Crags - High House Tarn - Lincomb Tarns - Glaramara - Combe Head - Combe Door - ridge to Tarn at Leaves - Bessyboot - Combe Gill - Nr Thornythwaite Farm - Seathwaite

1st May 2008
  Adding bits onto to an evening walk from Stonethwaite 6 mile 2400 ft
Stonethwaite - Big Stanger Gill - Rosthwaite Fell - Bessyboot - Rosthwaite Cam - Rosthwaite Fell - Dovenest Crag - Combe Door - Combe Head - Thornythwaite Fell - Borrowdale - Stonethwaite

9th September 2006
  The long deserted Langstrath Valley and the long undulating Glaramara ridge. 11.5 mile 3632 ft
Stonethwaite - Langstrath - Angle Tarn - Esk Hause - Allen Crags - Glaramara - Great Hollow - Tarn at Leaves - Bessyboot - Combe Gill - Stonethwaite

19th February 2005
  Bessyboot to Seathwaite Fell. 11.2 mile 3501 ft
Seatoller - Tarn at Leaves - Bessyboot - Dovenest Crag - Glaramara - Lincomb Tarns - High House Tarn - Allen Crags - Sprinkling Tarn - Seathwaite Fell - Styhead Tarn - Styhead Pass - Stockley Bridge - Seathwaite - Seatoller

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