Great Mell Fell

Grid Ref NY 397 253
Height 1,760 ft

I've always enjoyed walking on Great Mell Fell, I've done quick, straight up and straight down routes from near Brownrigg Farm, traversed the fell without even going to the top, traversed part of the fell and headed up to the top from whichever spot took my fancy and I've even included the fell on long walks linking Little Mell Fell and Gowbarrow. The point I'm trying to make is; small fells stuck out on their own like this don't have to match the negative reputation that precedes a visit. I suspect the reason for Great Mell Fell's unfortunate reputation is that most people have what they consider to be little choice but to end up here at some point while they're working their way through a list of fells. It's quite sad when people have already decided they aren't really going to enjoy a fell before they've even set foot out of their car.


I do understand if it's a day of adventure and excitement among the crags and rocks you're after then you're going to be disappointed here. If however, you simply want a short, enjoyable and easy walk with what are excellent views, then I'm sure you'll enjoy it here as much as I do.

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Route suggestion: Near Brownrigg Farm - Great Mell Fell
1.1 mile / approx 900 ft ascent
This is more or less the route that most people will take to the top of Great Mell Fell. It's easy to follow and it does exactly what it says on the tin - it gets you to the top. As quick and easy as it is to get up here, this is a summit with a view that's likely hold your attention more than you'd expect it to. Blencathra looks fantastic from this angle, and from here you have a more interesting view of Clough Head and the Dodds than you get from anywhere else. Then there's the busy A66 taking people to and from the Lake District and proving that you're never far from reality.

Take notice of the numerous trees near the route which have been twisted into the strangest of shapes by the wind. I often think they look more like they've been shrivelled up by the sun, but this is obviously not correct.

Photo gallery

Seen from the fellside near Calfhow Pike


Seen from Mousthwaite Combe


A long distance view of Great Mell Fell



A close up of Great Mell Fell. Taken from Mousthwaite Comb

Great Mell Fell summit. (the stick isn't always there)


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25th March 2016
  Great Mell Fell to Glenridding Dodd 14.7 mile 4800 ft (ish)
Roadside near Brownrigg Farm - Great Mell Fell, and back down - Road to The Hause - Little Mell Fell - The Hause - Great Meldrum - Gowbarrow Fell - Park Brow top car park - wall along Watermollock Common - Brown Hills - Birkett Fell - Hart Side - Glenmcoyne Head - Nick Head - Sheffield Pike - Heron Pike - Glenridding Dodd - The Rake - Stybarrow Crag

26th April 2013
  Rain stopped play - Great Mell Fell 2.2 mile 900 ft
Near Brownrigg Farm - Great Mell Fell - Near Brownrigg Farm

18th February 2012
  Great Mell Fell and Gowbarrow Fell 10.2 mile 2100 ft
Brownrigg Farm - Great Mell Fell - Brownrigg Farm - Nabend Farm - road north of Little Mell Fell - track east of Little Mell Fell - Swinburn's Park - Gowbarrow Fell - Ulcat Row - Moorend Farm - Brownrigg Farm

16th February 2011
  A great little walk on Great Mell Fell 4.1 mile 1100 ft
Near Brownrigg Farm - Great Mell Fell - Mellfell Beck - Matterdale End - road back to Brownrigg Farm

18th July 2009
  Not quite a straightforward walk up Great Mell Fell 2.8 mile 1000 ft
Nr Brownrigg Farm - Racy Cottage - West side of Great Mell Fell - Great Mell Fell - Nr Brownrigg Farm

20th December 2008
  Great Mell Fell on a grey day 2.2 mile 800 ft
Near Brownrigg Farm - Great Mell Fell - Woods on the eastern side of the fell - Routing Gill Beck - Near Brownrigg Farm

21st April 2007
  Two Mell Fells, one church and some lovely countryside 9.1 mile 2388 ft
Brownrigg Farm - Great Mell Fell - Matterdale End - Matterdale Church - The Hause - Little Mell Fell - Lowthwaite - Brownrigg Farm

28th December 2006
  A short misty walk up Great Mell Fell 2.1 mile 902 ft
Brownrigg Farm - Great Mell Fell - Brownrigg Farm

25th April 2006
  Taking every opportunity and having a walk up Great Mell Fell. 2 mile 880 ft
Brownrigg Farm - Great Mell Fell - Brownrigg Farm

6th August 2005
  2nd walk of the day - a walk up Great Mell Fell for something to eat. 2.1 mile 876 ft



5th February 2005
  Great Mell Fell and Little Mell Mell. 6.4 mile 1942 ft
Brownrigg Farm - Great Mell Fell - Little Mell Fell - Lowthwaite - Brownrigg Farm

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