Grid Ref SD 399 793
Height 727 ft

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The top of Hampsfell is marked by this curious building (shelter) called The Hospice. I took lots of pictures in the building and on top of it but it was only when I got home that I realised I hadn't taken a picture showing the building as a whole. 1 out of 10 for paying attention.





The way in, and out of course.

On top of the the building is this pointer. Despite there being no instruction manual or person of superior intellect at hand to offer instruction, we quickly worked out the correct method of operation for ourselves. Turn the dial, look at the number, and the board tells you what you're looking at. Yes, perhaps the simplest ideas really are the best.
Imagine how complicated and un-user friendly this would be if someone was tasked with building something like this these days. Not to mention the cost which would no doubt spiral away from any resemblance to the original estimate.



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29th March 2014
  Walk 2 & 3 = Hampsfell and Humphrey Head 5.5 mile 925 ft
First walk = Grange-Over-Sands - Grange Fell Road - Fell End - Hampsfell - Eggerslack Wood - Hampsfell Road - Grange-Over-Sands
Second walk = Road below Humphrey Head - Humphrey Head - Humphrey Head Point - Humphrey Head Wood - Road back to Car

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