Knott Rigg

Grid Ref NY 197 188
Height 1,824 ft

Knott Rigg is the southern most of two fells found on the short ridge running from Birk Rigg in Newlands Valley to the top of Newlands Pass.

This is a fell that you'd possibly get away with describing as a little insignificant. And while this may be the case for Knott Rigg itself, its location can be described as anything but insignificant. More often than not, Knott Rigg is linked up with with Ard Crags to make a short walk. For the more inventive of route planners out there, the fell can easily be included on long challenging walks taking you as far the Grasmoor or the Dale Head fells.

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Route suggestions

Route suggestion: Newlands Hause - Knott Rigg
0.9 mile / approx 700 ft ascent
This is about as good as it gets if your sole aim it to get to the top of a fell and then tick it off a list. If you tripped up as you got out of the car you'd probably land at the start of the route, and the path, while a little steep in places, is easy enough to follow to the summit.


Route suggestion:
2.4 mile / approx 1300 ft ascent
The reason I've suggested this route begins at Rigg Beck quarry is that the walk along this section of Newlands Valley is just gorgeous and worth walking along the road. It also offers a convenient spot to end the walk should you choose to return via Ard Crags and Rigg Beck.

The route leaves the road by the hairpin bends at Keskadale Farm and initially is a little muddy and slippery if the ground is wet. This soon gives way to a more agreeable path however.

Photo gallery

Looking up to Knott Rigg from Newlands Hause


Knott Rigg summit area

Seen from the Newlands Valley road


Looking ahead to Knott Rigg

Whiteless Pike and Wandope seen from Knott Rigg.


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5th March 2016
  A Newlands horseshoe - Cat Bell to Ard Crags 14 mile 5200 ft or there abouts
Gutherscale - Skelgill Bank - Cat Bells - Hause Gate - Bull Crag - Maiden Moor - High Spy - Dale Head Tarn - Dale Head - Hindscarth Edge - Hindscarth - Littledale Edge - Robinson - Buttermere Moss - above Moss Force - Newlands Hause - Knott Rigg - Ard Crags - Aikin Knott - Birk Rigg - Birkrigg - road to Stair - Skelgill - Gutherscale

19th April 2014
  Knott Rigg to Whiteless Pike 8 mile 3600 ft
Cinderdale Common - Rannerdale - Whiteless Breast - Knott Rigg south ridge - Knott Rigg - Ard Crags - Addacomb Beck - Addacomb Hole - Wandope - Whiteless Edge - Whiteless Pike - High Rannerdale - Cinderdale Common

6th January 2013
  Ard Crags, Knott Rigg and Newlands Pass 6.4 mile 1740 ft
Rigg Beck - Aiken Knott - Ard Crags - Knott Rigg - Newlands Hause - Newlands Pass - Rigg Beck

26th February 2011
  Ard Crags, Knott Rigg and Newlands Pass 6.7 mile 1700 ft
Rigg Beck - Aikin Kontt - Ard Crags - Knott Rigg - Newlands Hause - Moss Force - Newlands Pass road - Keskadale Farm - Rigg Beck

19th June 2010
  Jackets in June - Knott Rigg to Rannerdale Knotts 8.6 mile 3400 ft
Newlands Hause - Knott Rigg - Ard Crags - Sail - The Scar - Crag Hill - Wandope - Wandope Moss - Grasmoor - Wandope Moss - Whiteless Edge - Whiteless Pike - Low Bank - Rannerdale Knotts - near Rannerdale Farm

21st March 2009
  Knott Rigg, Ard Crags and Rigg Beck 5.3 mile 1771 ft
Rigg Beck - Newlands Pass Road - Keskadale Fram - Knott Rigg - Ard Crags - Rigg Beck (footpath) - Rigg Beck car park

11th August 2007
  Newlands Hause to Buttermere 7.8 mile 3883 ft
Newlands Hause - Knott Rigg - Ard Crags - Sail - The Scar - Eel Crag (Crag Hill) - Grasmoor - Wandope Moss - Wandope - Whiteless Pike - Buttermere

1st January 2007
  A new years day walk on Ard Crags and Knott Rigg 6.3 mile 1739 ft
Rigg Beck - Aiken Knott - Ard Crags - Knott Rigg - Newlands Hause - Newlands Pass - Rigg Beck

29th October 2006
  A very long walk - Cat Bells to Ard Crags 14.5 mile 5200 ft
Little Town - Skelgill - Cat Bells - Maiden Moor - Blea Crag - High Spy - Dalehead Tarn - Dale Head - Hindscarth - Robinson - Buttermere Moss - Newlands Hause - Knott Rigg - Ard Crags - Rigg Beck - Little Town

10th September 2005
  Knott Rigg to Buttermere 6.3 mile 2750 ft
Newlands Hause - Knott Rigg - Ard Crags - Sail - Crag Hill - Wandope - Whiteless Pike - Whiteless Breast - Buttermere

2nd May 2005
  Robinson to Ard Crags. 8.3 mile 3081 ft
Rigg Beck - Newlands Church - Little Dale - Robinson - Newlands Hause - Knott Rigg - Ard Crags - Rigg Beck

24th October 2004
  Ard Crags, Knott Rigg and a strange wooden house. 4.8 mile 1667 ft
Rigg Beck - (Quarry dis) - Aikin Knott - Ard Crags - Ard Gill (top of) Cairn - Cairn - Knott Rigg - Keskadale Farm Ill Gill - Newlands Pass Road - Aikin - Bawd Hall - Birkrigg - Rigg Beck

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