Lingmoor Fell

Grid Ref NY 303 045
Height 1,530 ft

Lingmoor derives its name from the Old Norse word for heather ( lyng ) and this certainly fits in with the heather clad fellside on the northern flanks of the fell; which incidentally, make for very difficult off path walking indeed.

Lingmoor Fell separates the two valleys of Great and Little Langdale and to state the obvious, this fell really does stand alone with no ridge routes or direct connections to anyother fells. Being bounded on both side by valleys of modest length opens up lots of opportunities for routes up, over and round Lingmoor Fell. Those of a more inventive nature will benefit most from this. Whatever route is taken I'm sure most people come away more than satisfied with this Lakeland gem.

I'm tempted to say if it weren't for Lingmoor Fell, this would be an ideal place for another lake.

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Route suggestions

Route suggestion: Old Dungeon Ghyll - road past Wall End - below Side Pike - Lingmoor Fell
2.1 mile / approx 1300 ft ascent
I'm sure most people would instinctively leave the road and take the path up the 'side' of Side Pike. Personally, I prefer the road walk up from the Old Dungeon Ghyll. Whatever your likes and dislikes this is a great route onto Lingmoor Fell which includes a nice walk along the ridge of the fell.

Along this route you get some views of the illusive Lingmoor Tarn. It is possible to walk to the tarn from almost any point along the ridge, but be warned, the heather and the wet areas turn it into a difficult job.


Route suggestion: Blea Tarn car park - Bleatarn House - Lingmoor Fell
0.8 mile / approx 850 ft ascent
At less than one mile this is the shortest route to the summit from a 'proper' car park. This is an easy enough route to follow and although it doesn't take you along the ridge of the fell or past the interesting old mine workings, it does, as others say, allow you to bag the fell.


Route suggestion: Elterwater - Elterwate Hall - track towards Dale End - east side of Lingmoor Fell - Lingmoor Fell
2.2 mile / approx 1400 ft ascent
My favourite route onto Lingmoor has to be this one setting out from Elterwater. Apart from the fact that I like it at Elterwater, the route takes you through the old quarries / mine workings and once you're at the top, you have lots of options for a return route back to Elterwater.

Photo gallery

The view up Lingmoor Fell from Bleatarn House
Lingmoor Fell ridge wall.




Looking across the ridge to the summit
A close up of Lingmoor Tarn

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17th December 2016
  Cloud inversions from Lingmoor Fell 8.3 mile about 1600 ft
Elterwater - Elterwater Hall - Owlet Hill - Lingmoor Fell - Blea Tarn House - Great Langdale - Chapel Stile - Elterwater

12th June 2016
  4 easy fells = 1 tough walk - Loughrigg Fell to Lingmoor Fell 15.8 mile about 4800 ft
Walthwaite Bottom - High Close - Loughrigg Terrace - Loughrigg Fell - Loughrigg Tarn - Skelwith Bridge - Park House - Park - Farm - A593 - side of Park Fell - Black Crag - Iron Keld - Tarn Hows - Tom Gill Waterfalls - Yew Tree Farm - Harry Guards Wood - Uskdale Gap - Holme Fell - Holme Ground Tarn(s) - Hodge Close - Stang End - Little Langdale - Dale End - Lingmoor Fell - Burlington Quarry - Elterwater - Walthwaite Bottom

27th June 2015 - Visiting the Lake District Tarns - Walk No 57
  Lingmoor Tarn and Blea Tarn 10 mile 2100 ft
Walthwaite Bottom - Elterwater - Elterwater Hall - Dale End - Lingmoor Fell - Lingmoor Tarn - Bleatarn House - Blea Tarn - Path down to Great Langdale - Side House - Oak Howe - Baysbrown Farn - Baysbrown Wood - Chapel Stile - Walthwaite Bottom

3rd December 2014
  Little Langdale, Lingmoor Fell and Chapel Stile 8.1 mile 2100 ft
Walthwaite Bottom - Elterwater - Dale End - Little Langdale - Slater Bridge - Low Hall Garth - High Hall Garth - Bridge End - Side Gates - Lingmoor Fell - Burlington Quarry - Chapel Stile - Walthwaite Bottom

21st May 2013
  Lingmoor Fell and Great Langdale 8.4 mile 1800 ft
Elterwater - Elterwater Hall - Lingmoor Fell - path below Side Pike - Old Dungeon Gill - New Dungeon Gill - Great Langdale - Chapel Stile - Elterwater

4th November 2012
  Lingmoor Fell from Elterwater 5.5 mile 1400 ft
Elterwater - Near Dale End - Lingmoor Fell - Elterwater Quarries - Elterwater

25th February 2012
  Lingmoor Fell and Great Langdale 8.1 mile 1900 ft
Elterwater - Elterwater Hall - Lingmoor Fell - Blea Tarn House - Old Dungeon Gill Hotel - Rossett - Stickle Barn - Great Langdale road - Chepel Stile - Elterwater

6th November 2010
  Lingmoor Fell and Great Langdale 6.5 mile 2100 ft
Elterwater - Elterwater Hall - Lingmoor Fell - road below Side Pike - Old Dungeon Gill - New Dungeon Gill - Great Langdale - Chapel Stile - Elterwater

7th February 2009
  Ruins on Lingmoor Fell and a walk through Great Langdale 6.7 mile 1800 ft
Elterwater - Elterwater Hall - Dale End - Disused Quarries and Ruins - Lingmoor Fell - Lingmoor Tarn - Cumbria Way - Chapel Stile - Elterwater

23rd June 2007
  Little Langdale and Lingmoor Fell 8.6 mile 2200ft
Elterwater - Dale End - Slaters Bridge - Fell Foot - Blea Tarn - Lingmoor Fell - Dale End - Elterwater

16th December 2006
  Lingmoor Fell and Pike O'Blisco from the Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel 7.7 mile 3250 ft
Old Dungeon Ghyll - Side Pike - Lingmoor Tarn - Lingmoor Fell - Blea Tarn - Blake Rigg - Pike O'Blisco - Oxendale - Old Dungeon Ghyll

15th July 2006
  A long walk from Elterwater through some lovely countyside and three smaller fells 15.2 mile 4203 ft
Elterwater - Colwith - Black Crag - Tarn Hows - Yew Tree Farm - Holme Fell - Hodge Close - Little Langdale - Blea Tarn - Lingmoor Fell - Elterwater

7th August 2005
  A walk from Elterwater through Little and Great Langdale valleys. 10.9 mile 2382 ft
Elterwater - Little Langdale - Fell Foot - Blea Tarn - Lingmoor Fell - Great Langdale - Chapel Stile - Elterwater

21st April 2005
  A walk from the Three Shire Stone - Pike O'blisco and Lingmoor Fell. 6.8 mile 3009 ft
Three Shire Stone - Red Tarn - Pike O Blisco - Lingmoor Fell - Blea Tarn - Wrynose Pass - Three Shire Stone

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