Place Fell

Grid Ref NY 405 169
Height 2,154 ft
I don't have a list of favourites as such, although if I did, Place fell would rank quite high up. Not just for the fell itself, but for the walks in the area that can include Place Fell along the way. And while it's perfectly feasible to devise lots of different walks which include multiple fells, a fantastic summer walk which I'd recommend is Patterdale - Boredale Hause - Place Fell - Scalehow Force and return along the Ullswater shore path.

Strangely, the most memorable thing about Place Fell for us, was on the occasion when we were about half way between Boredale Hause and the summit and we saw the Red Arrows flying below us. They flew from the Glenridding direction, over Patterdale and then disappeared over Kirkstone Pass. Not something a huge number of people can claim to have seen.

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Route suggestions

Route suggestion: Patterdale - Rooking - Boredale Hause - Round How - Place Fell
1.9 mile / approx 1700 ft ascent
This is the route I've used to ascend Place Fell more than any other. Mainly because it's much easier for me to get to Patterdale than the Sandwick / Martindale side of the fell. Regardless of the reason, this is always an enjoyable route to walk with some fine viewpoints down to Ullswater and Glenridding.

If you're new to the area, Boredale Hause can be a little confusing at first. My advice is to ignore the confusion of paths, find the sheepfold next to Stonebarrow Beck, walk a short way past it without crossing the beck, and then turn left. This should take you onto the path leading up to Place Fell itself.


Route suggestion: Sandwick - High Moss - Low Moss - Hart Crag - Place Fell
2.2 mile / approx 1600 ft ascent
I have to admit that Sandwick is not the easiest place to get to, but well worth the effort nonetheless. If you do decide to venture here you'll find some really enjoyable walking to be had in a wonderfully quiet area. This particular route onto Place Fell takes you through what is arguably the most interesting section of the fell. Interesting in as much as there are more opportunities to explore and perhaps head off path for a while.

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Taken from the Martindale side of Ullswater

Snowy Place Fell
Seen over Boredale Hause

Place fell summit and Placefell Tarn








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31st January 2015 - Visiting the Lake District Tarns - Walk No 9
  Place Fell Tarn and Lanty Tarn 10.8 mile 3000 ft
Patterdale - Rooking - Boredale Hause - Round How - Place Fell - Place Fell Tarn - Low Moss - Sleet Fell - Martindale - Lanty Tarn - Martindale New Church - Doe Green - Sandwick - Lake Shore path to Patterdale

15th February 2013
  Place Fell and Ullswater lakeside path 7.7 mile 2300 ft
Patterdale - Rooking - Boredale Hause - Steel Edge - Place Fell - Slate Workings near Mortar Crag - Low Moss - path next to Scalehow Beck - Ullswater lakeside path back to Patterdale

27th August 2011
  Place Fell and Ullswater shore path 8.5 mile 2400 ft
Patterdale - Rooking - Boredale Hause - Steel Edge - Place Fell - Placefell Tarn - Low Moss - High Dodd - Steel Fell - near Sandwick - Ullswater path - Silver Point - Side Farm - Patterdale

23rd January 2010
  Place Fell and Ullswater shore 7.3 mile 2250 ft
Patterdale - Boredale Hause - Round How - Place Fell - Place Fell Tarn - Low Moss - Scalehow Beck - Ullswater shore path - Side Farm - Patterdale

21st February 2009
  A bit of an odd route from Patterdale 9.2 mile 3550 ft
Patterdale - Boredale Hause - Place Fell - Placefell Tarn - Redgate Head -Boredale Hause - Bedafell Knott - Beda Head - Bannerdale - below Heck Crag - Angle Tarn - Angletarn Pikes - Boredale Hause - Pattedale

8th September 2007
  Place Fell and the lakeside path next to Ullswater 8.3 mile 2570 ft
Patterdale - Boredale Hause - Place Fell - Place Fell Tarn - Low Moss - Ullswater - Silver Crag - Side Farm - Patterdale

25th February 2006
  The Boredale Horseshoe. 9.5 mile 3000 ft
Martindale - Sandwick - Low Birk Fell - Birk Fell - The Knight - Place Fell - Boredale Hause - Angletarn Pikes - Beda Fell - Martindale

4th December 2005
  Rain on Place Fell and two ponies in an old chapel. 6.1 mile 2016 ft
Sandwick - Sleet Fell - Place Fell - Boredale Hause - Boredale - Sandwick

19th December 2004
  A perfect walk above Patterdale. 9.1 mile 3002 ft
Patterdale - Boredale Hause - Place Fell - Beda Fell - Angle Tarn - Angletarn Pikes - Boredale Hause - Patterdale

15th June 2003
  Place Fell and Ullswate shore. 7.8 mile 2138 ft
Place Fell - Boredale Hause - Hart Crag (Martindale) - Mortar Crag - Ullswater - Scalehow Beck - Patterdale - Silver Crag

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