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A view of the Lake District seen from old photos, postcards, advertisements and pictures

I’ve always been interested in history, in fact, when I was at school it was the only thing I ever bothered to listen to, everything else was just rubbish; or so I thought at the time. And what better link to the past is there than old photos and pictures. I know books, magazines and newspapers may tell the story and give you the facts, figures and dates, but none of these compare to photographic evidence where you can see how familiar places used to look. It's pictures of the people that offer the best insight however; after all, it was those very people, our ancestors, that shaped the world we live in today. 

What I'd like to do here is share a little more my love of the Lake District through the many old postcards and photographs I have. Some of the pictures may already be quite well known to some of you, although with the hundreds of pictures I'm showing, you might just see something new and interesting.




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