Valley life in the Lake District

Visiting the Valleys of the Lake District

To save any missunderstandings:
1) There is absolutely no timescale for this project ( It'll take years )
2) I will not be doing any daft walks just to cram them in
3) Hopefully these walks will only be done in good weather
4) Other, none project walks will done in between these ones

How I planned the project:
1) I made a list of valleys
2) I grouped them into possible walks
3) I ended up with a list of walks taking me to 1 or more of them

What gave me the idea in the first place:
It's quite simple really. For no particular reason I started thinking about how many valleys there are, and from that, I thought it would be a good idea to make a point of visiting them all.

Why did I choose those ones.
I can't think of an answer - sorry.

Keeping a track of things:
Below you'll find a simple counter showing the number of walk I've done, the number of places I've visited and the distance I've walked as the project progresses.

Progress Counter
Walks 0
Valleys visited 0
Distance 0 Miles
The Vale of Grasmere seen from Loughrigg Terrace


Visiting the Valleys of the Lake District - Walks completion list

The places - in order of visits:


The walks - in order of completion:

David Hall -
Lake District Walks