27th December 2013

A walk around Whitehaven Harbour to see what the stormy weather was doing



The wind had howled all night making it sould like the roof was going to lift off the house on more than one occasion, and as I lay wide awake at 2am I heard a crashing sound which turned out to be a wheelie bin being blown up the road. Once that had found its way into the next street a tin can started rattling about in the gutter stopped me getting to sleep for a few hours more. With the predicted storm arriving bang on time, I'm sure lots of other people up and down the country had a disturbed night like this.
I wish I'd had had the presence of mind to check the tide table for today so I could have came a little earlier while the tide wasn't quite so far out. Even though, the sea was still putting on quite a show.







This bit was washed away in the storm just before Christmas. As seen as though the wind was blowing at my back, this was as close as I was getting to the edge. After living next to the sea all my life and having spent countless hours up on the fells in strong winds, if there's one thing I've learned, it's that the wind is capable of picking you up and blowing you over the edge.





Sorry the pictures aren't of a very high quality, but there was no way I was going to being a good camera down here to get ruined.

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