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I’ve always maintained that the Lake District has much more to offer than the fell tops themselves. So, with this in mind, I have created a Lake District Directory within the website, the main aim of which is to offer a photographic insight, not only into the more popular places, but also the more obscure, which are found in out of the way areas normally reserved for the eyes of the more inquisitive fell walker.

In addition to the photographs, all items have a location map, and many also include additional information such as their history. The unique feature, however, is the link back to the walking section of the site. Here you have a choice of walks which include the place at some point along the route. Most important of all, is that these are all real, documented walks actually done by the person offering the information.


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I thought of this idea purely by accident while I was using a map to make myself a list of the churches I still needed to visit. I was thinking to myself, that had they been marked a bit more distinctly then it would have made the job a much easier. It was then that I had one of those "penny dropping" moments; if it would would make this easier for me, then perhaps other people may find it useful as a tool not only to see at a glance how churches, tarns Etc are distributed throughout the Lake District, but to open the page for chosen place.

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