7th August 2004

A long walk from Patterdale and a nice sail on Ullswater to finish.


Walk Overview
Time 06.05 to 15.15
Duration 8 hr 25 min
Distance 13.5 mile
Ascent 4360 ft
Walking with On my own
Patterdale - Angle Tarn Pikes - Brock Crags - Rest Dodd - The Knott - Rampsgill Head - Kidsty Pike - High Raise - Steel Knotts - Hallin Fell - and the steamer from Howtown to Glenridding
06.05 to 14.10 The 14.20 steamer from Howtown to Glenridding. Walking from Glenridding to Patterdale 14.55 to 15.15
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, opposite Patterdale Hotel

I think I'm correct in saying that the hotel actually owns the car park, so needless to say there is a charge. Thankfully this is a daily charge and if I'm honest it is well worth the cost when you consider the fantastic selection of walk that can be undertaken from this spot.

It does tend to fill up rather quickly though, and not only during the summer months.


Route Map


The early morning sunshine looked promising. The forecast had been for a day of sunshine and very little cloud. This picture was taken at 07.05 from the first of the Angle Tarn Pikes summits, looking over Birks and Birkhouse Moor to the Helvellyn range

Angle Tarn from the second Angle Tarn summit

Angle Tarn during a brief spell of perfect morning sunshine. Looking behind me I could already see the cloud coming in fast. Within a few minutes the sunshine had gone, taking with it the long distance views.

I took a short de-tour across to Brock Crags from Satura Crag. This picture of the summit cairn is looking in the same direction as the photo from the first Angle Tarn Pikes summit. By now the sun had gone and it was starting to get very hazy.

I walked back to Satura Crag, and a little further on I left the main route again and headed up to Rest Dodd. I spotted a herd of Deer on the route up to Rest Dodd, and I managed to count 26. This is only a small part of the them, because as soon as they saw me they split up and were off. All the way as far as Rest Dodd I kept running into small groups., but they didn't stand still long enough to get a good close up picture.

Rest Dodd summit. The haze was so bad now it wasn't worth taking any long distance photos, so its a few pictures of summit cairns I'm afraid.

The Knott summit. I followed the direct route from Rest Dodd to The Knott that runs beside a wall. From Rest Dodd a grassy path drops steeply down to the boggy area near Well Gill then rises again very steeply up to the path that runs between The Knott and Rampsgill Head. I never took this path, instead I continues to follow the wall uphill to The Knott summit cairn.

Rampsgill Head summit looking down into Ramps Gill and Martindale

Kidsty Pike summit

High Raise summit

The route across from High Raise to Red Crag. As you can see very easy to follow and quite easy going.

A little sunshine in Martindale, from near Red Crag

From the path around the edge of Gowk Hill, looking down to Fusedale and Ullswater. It was starting to brighten up again and it was also getting very hot in the sunshine.

Ullswater from Steel Knotts

Martindale from my route between Steel Knotts and the old church of St. Martin, which can be seen at the bottom of the fellside.

The old church of St. Martin. The cloud had almost gone by now and it was turning into the perfect summer afternoon.

Ullswater from Hallin Fell summit. What a difference in visibility from a couple of hours ago.

Ullswater again, from the same place, but looking in the other direction.

Lots of boats on the lake this afternoon and when I reached Howtown there were lots of people in the water cooling off. This picture was taken from the path around the bottom of Steel End.

Looking down the lake towards Glenridding from the Steamer.

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