30th August 2004

Dash Falls, Great Calva and Bakestall


Walk Overview
Time 08.20 to 12.55
Duration 4 hr 35 min
Distance 8.5 mile
Ascent 2749 ft
Walking with On my own
Peter House Farm - Whitewater Dash (waterfall) - Dead Beck - Great Calva - Little Calva - Whitewater Dash (waterfall) - Birkett Edge - Bakestall - Dead Beck - Peter House farm
Fells visited
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Starting Point Information Centre
Parking spaces, Peter House Farm, Orthwaite

The half a dozen or so spaces here are found along some very narrow roads around the northern side of the Lake District. In places, you just hope you don't meet anything coming in the opposite direction. Even though there isn't a great deal of space, this is somewhere I'm always confident about getting parked.

This spot offers convenient access to the Uldale / back of Skiddaw fells, and the track leading to Skiddaw House.


Route Map

Dash Falls. With all the rain we've had recently its no wonder the falls looked so good.

The sun shining on Lonscale Fell.
The cloud was so low on all the other fells and you can tell by the picture that it was quite dark, yet for some reason Lonscale Fell was free of cloud and even had the sun shining on it.

The shelter on Great Calva.
A very welcome site. I had been walking in the cloud for a little while now, but because of the direction I used for my ascent I was sheltered from the wind. Yet as soon as I got onto the summit the wind hit me. I sat here for about 10 minutes waiting for the cloud to lift again, but I was out of luck, so I just carried on walking.

Great Calva summit cairn. No views from the summit today.

Looking across the route between Great Calva and Little Calva.
This was taken about 5 minutes after the pictures of the summit and in such a short time the cloud had lifted well above the fells I was on. This part of the walk was very wet under foot and by the time I reached Little Calva I was soaked up to my knees.

Binsey in the distance from the very steep walk up Birkett Edge, with Dead Crags on the left of the picture.

The view back down Birkett Edge. The path running across the middle of the picture is the Cumbria way track just above the Dash Falls.

Looking across to the shapes on Little Calva from the same place. Note the horse shape. The route I took of Little Calva went through some of the shapes. As you're walking through them you get no idea they're so big.

Bakestall summit. Looking across the the Solway Firth and Scotland.

The Back O'Skiddaw fells from the route off Bakestall.

Looking down the very steep descent next to Dead Beck.

Brockle Crag.

A close up of some Fungi. The picture was taken near Dead Beck.

Looking back along the track and up the path I used to get off Bakestall.

A Close up of a Caterpillar on the road near the car park.

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