26th March 2005

Three fells east of Ullswater and a sail on Ullswater Steamer.


Walk Overview
Time 09.45 to 15.50
Duration 5 hr 40 min
Distance 8.6 mile
Ascent 2205 ft
Walking with Jennifer and Jamie Lockie
Ullswater Steamer (Pooley Bridge to Howtown) - Fusedale - Loadpot Hill - Bonscale Pike - Arthur's Pike - The Cockpit - Pooley Bridge
09.45 to 10.10 on the steamer then 10.10 to 15.50 walking
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Pooley Bridge

This is just one of a couple of large car parks found in Pooley Bridge, and for those simply wanting to look around the village, it couldn't be more convenient. For those wanting a much longer walk onto the Heughscar Hill / Arthur's Pike area it may not be quite as convenient, but it still offers a very pleasant walk from the village to the fells.

Needless to say there is a charge for the privilege of using this car park.


Route Map

Fusedale and Ullswater from the start of our climb up to Loadpot Hill.

A little further up the route looking across to Steel Knotts, Beda Fell and Place Fell.

This time looking to The Nab, Rest Dodd, Angle Tarn Pikes and the Beda Fell ridge.
The Eastern fells can be seen in the background.

The remains of Lowther House hunting lodge just below Loadpot Hill summit.

Loadpot Hill summit.

From the route across to Bonscale Pike with Hallin Fell and Ullswater.

From just below Loadpot Hill's summit looking across the wide open moorland towards Arthur's Pike. From here we followed an almost straight line route to Bonscale Pike which is a little to the left of the picture.
The broad track running through the photo is part of the High Street Roman Road.

Our straight line route to Bonscale Pike.

Looking down to Hallin Fell and Ullswater from Bonscale Pike.

Bonscale Pike summit.

And again looking towards the Pooley Bridge end of Ullswater.

The sheepfold next to the place where we crossed Swarth Beck.

Arthur's Pike summit.

From the area on the map marked as Barton Fell looking down Ullswater towards the dark looking Eastern fells.

The Cockpit stone circle.

Pooley Bridge.
I've never known Pooley Bridge so deserted mid afternoon during the Easter bank holiday weekend.

Looking towards Ullswater from Pooley Bridge "bridge"

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