27th May 2005

The secluded valley of Miterdale - Illgill Head and Whin Rigg rom Eskdale Green.


Walk Overview
Time 12.45 to 16.50
Duration 4 hr 5 min
Distance 9.2 mile
Ascent 2398 ft
Walking with On my own
Eskdale Green - Miterdale - Illgill Head - Whin Rigg - Miterdale Forest - Eskdale Green
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Parking spaces next to Giggle Alley, Eskdale Green

This is a great little car park. Right in the centre of Eskdale Green with a shop down the road and toilets next to the car park. It is a great starting point for a whole host of walks in this area, it's free and more often than not there are empty spaces available.


Route Map

Standing in front of Bakerstead outdoor pursuits centre, which is found about half way along the lovely secluded Miterdale Valley.




A little further upstream from Bakerstead is this small un-named packhorse bridge over the River Mite.


Almost at the head of Miterdale, with a hazy Scafell beyond.
The further up Miterdale valley you walk the narrower it gets, until you feel as though you could reach out and touch both sides at the same time.


Then when you least expect it, the valley opens up again and comes to an abrupt end.
The area above the crags is usually very wet and boggy. I knew if I'd walked out of the valley on the right hand side and continued to Burnmoor Tarn I'd have no alternative than to walk through the boggy area, so instead I took a route to the left of this picture, ending up higher then the crags. Then I took an off path, almost direct route to Illgill head summit.


Burnmoor Tarn from my route up Illgill Head.


Illgill Head with a very hazy Kirk Fell, Great Gable, Lingmell and Scafell behind.


Looking down to Wastwater from the ridge above The Screes.
Not a good place to stand during strong winds!


Looking ahead to Whin Rigg.


This time looking back towards Illgill Head.


Greathall Gill.


Whin Rigg from just past Greathall Gill.


Just past Irton Fell I turned left and followed the path through Miterdale Forest.


This is a lovely forest path, broad enough to let plenty of light through, yet you still have the feeling of walking through dense forest. It's one of those places which are always so quiet, except for the usual creaking noises that forests like to make. Enough to make me look over my shoulder a few times.


Back out in the open again. From here I kept following the narrow path back down to Miterdale.

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