10th July 2005

Hot and humid in Sadgill - A walk up to Grey Crag and Tarn Crag.


Walk Overview
Time 09.25 to 13.55
Duration 4 hr 30 min
Distance 6.25 mile
Ascent 1750
Walking with Jennifer, Andrew & Anne Leaney
Sadgill - Great Howe - Grey Crag - Harrop Pike - Tarn Crag - Gatescarth Pass - Sadgill
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside parking, Sadgill, Longsleddale

The car parking at Sadgill is found at the end of the long narrow road through Longsleddale. There aren't too many places and I'm sure there have been may upset people who've had no option than to turn around and head back through the valley.

Needless to say this is somewhere you'd be best off arriving early.


Route Map

The peaceful little hamlet of Sadgill, which is found at the end of the road that runs through the valley of Longsleddale.

Sadgill from the route we took up to Great Howe.
A very steep route on a very hot and humid day.

From a little further up the route, this time looking down to the head of Longsleddale and Gatescarth Pass.

Tarn Crag from Great Howes.

Grey Crag summit.

The very large summit cairn on Harrop Pike.

Looking across the peat hags to Tarn Crag.
It was from this point we did an out and back to Harrop Pike. As the fells were deserted and because it was so hot we left our bags here and picked them up again when we got back.

The pillar next to the summit of Tarn Crag.

Heading towards Gatescarth pass.
Harter Fell on the left, Branstree on the right with Rough Crag, Kidsty Pike and High Raise behind.

From the route between Tarn Crag and Gatescarth Pass looking towards Mosdale with Selside Brow on the left and Brunt Tongue on the right and High Wether Howe in the distance.

A strange shaped peat "sculpture". It looks like some sort of animal with spiky hair and a long nose and a couple of smaller ones in front looking up.

Looking back up the beck that runs alongside the Gatescarth Pass Track.

Gatescarth Pass.

Just before we got back to Sadgill, looking back to the head of Longsleddale and Gatescarth Pass.

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