24th September 2005

Scandale Skyline


Walk Overview
Time 08.15 to 13.55
Duration 5 hr 40 min
Distance 12.1 mile
Ascent 4060 ft
Walking with On my own
Ambleside - High Sweden Bridge - Low Pike - High Pike - Dove Crag - High Hartsop Dodd - Little Hart Crag - Middle Dodd - Red Screes - Snarker Pike - Ambleside
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Ambleside

Ambleside offers quite a few different car parks, all of which are very close to the main town centre. I should offer a word of caution though; don't forget to bring plenty of money to buy a parking ticket.


Route Map

Some of the early morning mist still hanging on below Nab Scar. Taken from the path between Ambleside and High Sweden Bridge.

High Pike, Scandale Head and Little Hart Crag's western top.

Looking up to Low Pike and High Pike, just before I joined the path that runs along the ridge.

High Pike.

Heron Pike and Rydal Fell.

Looking up the broad ridge from near High Pike.
The wall in this picture runs almost the whole length of this ridge and acts as a great navigation aid during poor visibility.

Dove Crag.

Hartsop Above How with Place Fell and Angle Tarn Pikes behind.
It turned quite dull for about an hour now and as I was walking around Little Hart Crag I actually felt it starting to rain a little. So it was a quick re-think of the rest of the route. If the weather did turn bad I decided I would miss the Middle Dodd and Red Screes section out altogether and cut back down Scandale Pass to Ambleside. Luckily by the time I had walked to Scandale Tarn it had started to brighten up again, so It was back to plan (A).

Middle Dodd with just a glimpse of Brothers Water in the valley.

Scandale Tarn.

From the top of Scandale Pass looking back up to Little Hart Crag.
If you go over the stile and walk out of the left side of the picture you would drop down to Scandale and into Abmleside. The path going to the right drops down between Middle Dodd and Little Hart Crag eventually taking you to Brothers Water.

Brothers Water from Middle Dodd.
The fells in the background are Arnison Crag, Great Mell Fell, Place Fell, Angle Tarn Crags, Brock Crags. Bonscale Pike and Loadpot Hill are in the far distance (right). Hartsop Dodd is the large fell sloping down to Brothers Water.

Red Screes summit plus Red Screes Tarn.

Looking down to the top of Kirkstone Pass from near Raven Crag.
The lower of the two roads leading off to the right is the one I joined just outside Ambleside later in the walk. The section of the road in this picture is aptly named The Struggle.

Looking back up the path I took from Red Screes.

Rydal Water from the path below Snarker Pike.

Snarker Pike.
I'm sure there must be a very good reason, but I just don't know why this gap would be left between these two walls. I can't see that there would ever have been a road through here and if the land on each side was owned by different people, then was the middle bit owned by a third person?

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