6th December 2005

A short walk from Mungrisdale.


Walk Overview
Time 09.05 to 11.20
Duration 2 hr 15 min
Distance 4.8 mile
Ascent 1138
Walking with On my own
Mungrisdale - Souther Fell - River Glenderamackin - Mungrisdale
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Mungrisdale Village

Mungrisdale is without doubt a small place but it does still have a couple of different options for parking. Rather than list them separately, I've simply grouped them together as Mungrisedale Village. The map shows the various places on offer.


Route Map

High and Low Beckside farms and the first of todays sunshine.

Zooming in to Great Mell Fell.

Bannerdale Crags seen from the place where I joined the Souther Fell ridge.

Bannerdale Crags, this time from Souther Fell summit.

Looking back along the ridge towards Souther Fell summit.

Another view of Bannerdale Crags, this one was taken from this cairn found at the opposite end of the ridge from the summit.

Dramatic sky's over the eastern fells.

From the end of the ridge I walked down to this col and followed the path on the right (past the tufts of grass), down to the river. After crossing the small footbridge I walked up to the path that can be seen on the right. This path leads straight back to Mungrisdale.

A close up of Sharp Edge.

Looking ahead, down the path I followed back to Mungrisdale.
A couple of sections along this path are very wet indeed and the only option is to walk along the fellside just above the path.

The Tongue seen from the gate that brings you back into Mungrisdale.

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