21st December 2005

A nice little horseshoe round from Hartsop.


Walk Overview
Time 10.15 to 14.00
Duration 3 hr 45 min
Distance 7 mile
Ascent 3012 ft
Walking with On my own
Hartsop - Hartsop Dodd - Stony Cove Pike - Thornthwaite Crag - Gray Crag - Hayeswater - Hartsop
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Hartsop Village

Unspoilt, sums up the lovely village of Hartsop; apart from the car park that is. At least it is tucked away beyond a narrow gap between the buildings at the top of the village.

The car park is free and offers almost instant access to the surrounding fells. The number of different walks you can do from here are jut too many to list.


Route Map

The view back down to Hartsop from the steep path on Hartsop Dodd.

Looking in the same direction, only this time from just below the summit on Hartsop Dodd.

The cairn found next to the summit. The wall actually runs straight over the summit which is marked by the piece of wood. You can just see it leaning on the wall.

The Hartsop Dodd ridge, taken from the path up to Stony Cove Pike. This is another of the many Lakeland ridges that have a wall running almost their entire length. These can be a very useful navigation aid during poor visibility.

The area around Stony Cove Pike summit.

From Stony Cove Pike looking over the Gray Crag ridge to High Street, The Knott, Rampsgill Head and Kidsty Pike.

From Stony Cove Pike I took the very steep and rocky descent to Threshthwaite Mouth where you get this great view down to Pasture Bottom and onto Ullswater.
The fell sloping down to the valley from the left is Hartsop Dodd and the one on the right is Gray Crag.

The High Street Roman road seen from Thornthwaite Crag beacon.
Thornthwaite Crag is a fell that can be included in walks setting out from many different areas. This is the fifth time this year I've been here.

Gray Crags' grassy ridge.

The view down to Pasture Bottom and Hartsop from the end of the Gray Crag Ridge.

Hayeswater's outflow into Hayeswater Gill.

The track between Hayeswater and Hartsop.

The ruins of an old farm building found along the track.

A little way past the ruin I left the main track to have a look around these remains of a disused lead mine.

A couple of minutes walk from the lead mine is this ruin; which at first glance looks like that of any other in the area. This one is in fact the remains of the Hartsop village corn mill.

This picture was taken inside the ruin, showing two of the mill stones which were left behind when the mill fell into disuse.

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