21st January 2006

The higher North Western fells from Lanthwaite Green.


Walk Overview
Time 09.10 to 15.25
Duration 6 hr 15 min
Distance 10.4 mile
Ascent 4337 ft
Walking with Andrew and Anne Leaney
Lanthwaite Green - Whiteside - Hopegill Head - Grisedale Pike - Coledale Hause - Crag Hill - Wandope - Grasmoor - Coledale Hasue - Gasegale Gill - Lanthwaite Green
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Lanthwaite Green

A reasonable sized car park that tends to be quite popular, although having said that, this is somewhere I've never failed to get parked. Presumably the occupants of most of the cars would head straight across to the steep ridge up to Whiteside or the Gasgale Gill route up to Coledale Hause.

Parking Is free.


Route Map

Looking towards the Loweswater fells from the path up Whin Ben.
The lower slopes of Mellbreak and the end of Crummock Water can be seen on the left of the picture.

Melbreak reflected in Crummock Water.

Gasgale Gill taken just below Whiteside summit.

The Whiteside ridge. This is one of the most enjoyable of all the ridge walks in the whole Lake District.

The route to Grisedale Pike (far left).

Grisedale Pike from a little further along the route.

Coledale Hause.

Footpath repairs along the route between Coledale Hause and Wandope Moss.

From Crag Hill looking over to the Skiddaw fells. The fells under the cloud are Ullock Pike, Long Side and Carl Side.

Grasmoor behind Wandope Moss.

Very cloudy on Grasmoor summit.

The last section of today's walk was from Coledale Hause and down the lovely Gasgale Gill. Some old sheepfolds, quite a few nice waterfalls and a couple of tricky steps near the bottom all help to make this a great route to or from the higher fells.

One of the sheepfolds in Gasgale Gill. It's a shame that these old sheepfolds can't be repaired. There must be dozens of them among the fells in the Lake District and it would be a crime if they allowed to deteriorate into nothing more than a scattering of stones which are overgrown with grass and heather.

One of the many waterfalls found in Gasgale Gill.

And another.

The same one as the previous picture, taken from a different angle.

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