9th April 2006

Black Combe - Almost as far south as you can get on the fells.


Walk Overview
Time 11.54 to 15.00
Duration 3 hr 15 min
Distance 5.8 mile
Ascent 1972 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Whitbeck - Seaness - Black Combe Tarn - Black Combe - Townend Knotts - Whitbeck
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Parking spaces, Whitbeck Church

Found in the far south west of the Lake District, the parking spaces next to Whitbeck church are a handy starting point for a walk onto Black Combe. In the unlikely event of their being no room, there if a large lay-by a little further down the road (south).

Parking is free.


Route Map

Looking across to the Irish Sea from the start of the walk up towards Throstlerake Crag.

The Cumbrian coast and the Irish Sea again.

Black Combe from the approach to Seaness; the south western tip of the Lake District.

Seaness summit cairn with Black Combe behind.
The path to Black Combe can be seen behind the little rocky area in the foreground.

Whicham Valley also taken from Seaness.

The view back to Seaness. The buildings in the picture are the small village of Silecroft.

A little further up the path gives this fantastic view northwards up the coast. The buildings in the centre of the picture that look like a small town is actually the Sellafield site.

A sheltered lunch spot next to Black Combe Tarn.

Black Combe Tarn.

Snow falling on some of the southern hills. Taken from our "lunch spot".

Black Combe summit, just as it started to snow.

From Townend Knotts with Black Combe in the distance.

The top of Throstlerake Crag.

Walking in warm sunshine on the route back to Whitbeck.

A nice spring scene at Whitbeck church.

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