21st May 2006

An very early start from Ambleside to beat the rain on Wansfell.


Walk Overview
Time 06.05 to 10.55
Duration 4 hr 50 min
Distance 8.4 mile
Ascent 2208 ft
Walking with On my own
Ambleside - Wansfell Pike - Wansfell (Baystones) - Nanny Lane - Troutbeck - Robin Lane - Skelghyll Wood - Ambleside
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Ambleside

Ambleside offers quite a few different car parks, all of which are very close to the main town centre. I should offer a word of caution though; don't forget to bring plenty of money to buy a parking ticket.


Route Map

Bridge House Ambleside.
I don't seem to have as many early starts as I used to, but today the forecast was for a bright start to the day and for cloud and rain to move in by midday, so I set off walking from Ambleside just after 6am to try and get the best out of the day.

Looking back down the path to Wansfell Pike.

Sunshine on Snarker Pike, Red Screes and Pets Quarry.

Wansfell Pike just as the blue sky and sunshine reached me.

A close up picture of Rydal Water. The fell on the right of the lake is Nab Scar.

One of the wet areas along the ridge between Wansfell Pike and Baystones. This one was bad enough, but a little further along I was caught by surprise when I realised the flat area of grass I was walking through was starting to bounce up and down like a trampoline and the water was getting higher up my boots. If I stood still I started to sink, if I walked too quickly the ground bounced even more, so it was a case of taking "giant" steps and hoping the grass didn't give way under me until I got onto firmer ground. It's a good job it was early in the morning and there was no one else about, I dread to think what I looked like.

Ambleside in front of Loughrigg.

Another picture looking back to Wansfell Pike.

Windermere from the top section of the path through the area marked on the map as The Hundreds.

It really was a lovely morning now as I joined the top of Nanny Lane and started to walk down to Troutbeck.

And looking down Nanny Lane from almost the same spot as the previous photo.

Nanny Lane again. This time taken from the point where the path from Wansfell Pike (through the gate) joins the lane. I had just walked down the track between the walls.

The Ill Bell ridge seen from just outside Troutbeck. (still on Nanny Lane)

The bottom of Nanny Lane.

Margaret's Well.

Ill Bell and Yoke seen over the wall of this obviously well cared for garden in Troutbeck.

St John's Well.

Walking along Robin Lane.

Lots of colour through Skelghyll Woods. There were bluebells everywhere as I was walking through the woods, but this was the best I could do as far as getting a picture of them.

Windermere with the cloud was starting to build. It looks as thought the early start was the right thing for today's walk.

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