7th June 2006

Dovedale Horseshoe


Walk Overview
Time 07.30 to 13.00
Duration 5 hr 30 minutes
Distance 7.6 mile
Ascent 2923 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Cow Bridge - Hartsop above How - Hart Crag - Dove Crag - High Bakestones - Scandale Tarn - Little Hart Crag - High Hartsop Dodd - Brothers Water - Cow Bridge
Fells visited
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Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Cow Bridge, Hartsop

Found within easy reach of the beautiful Brothers Water, and Dovedale, the car park at Cow Bridge is a popular place for those who are looking for an easy stroll through picturesque countryside. Those who are looking for a longer day on the higher fells will also find this a great place to begin a walk. The more inventive fell walker will find this a great place to devise less obvious but thoroughly enjoyable routes.

Parking is free.


Route Map

Taken just after we joined the Hartsop Above How ridge with Arnison Crag on the left and Place Fell on the right.

Looking ahead to Hartsop Above How summit and Dove Crag (left), Hart Crag (middle) and Fairfield / Cofa Pike (right).

"I know you think you have the right of way, but we live on this fell so we're going first".

The view back to Dove Crag.

The Coniston fells in the distance seen from the place where we left the main ridge path and headed towards High Bakestones. The route across to High Bakestones makes a nice alternative to the direct path to Little Hart Crag via Bakestones Moss.

The large cairn on High Bakestones.

Windermere and Scandale seen from this little un-named stream on our route to Scandale Tarn.

Scandale Tarn, a very peaceful place for lunch.

Looking up to the two peaks of Little Hart Crag.

Scandale Tarn, Scandale and Windermere taken from the first of Little Hart Crag's tops (the left one in the previous picture).

This little tarn is found between the two tops and offers a good foreground for a picture of Place Fell, Angletarn Pikes and Brock Crags.

And looking in almost the same direction from the second of Little Hart Crags summits.

The route across the High Hartsop Dodd ridge.

This time taken from the end of the ridge and with Brothers Water in the valley.

A spectacular view down to the valley.
It's pretty obvious when you realise, but from here we couldn't make out what the purple (ish) areas were lower down the route. . .

One of us did suggest Blue Bells, but they didn't look quite right from above. As I said "pretty obvious".

Down in the valley now and heading towards Hartsop Hall. Most of the pictures don't really show it, but almost the whole walk had been done in very hot sunshine with almost no wind at all. Even more so as we were walking through the valley; just as well the shop in Patterdale has a good selection of ice creams.

High Hartsop Dodd looking very steep from the spot marked on the map as "settlement".

Brothers Water taken almost at the end of the walk.

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