16th September 2006

An interesting combination - Troutbeck Tongue and Wansfell.


Walk Overview
Time 10.40 to 16.35
Duration 5 hr 55 min
Distance 8 mile
Ascent 1909 ft
Walking with Roger and Ann Hiley
Troutbeck - Ing Bridge - Troutbeck Tongue - A592 - Idle Hill - Wansfell (Baystones) - Wansfell Pike - Nanny Lane - Troutbeck
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside, Troutbeck Village

Despite the long road through the village and the parking possibilities along it, I'm reluctant to park here, and for no other reason than I don't want to help spoil such a gorgeous place. On the occasions I have parked here I try to get close to the Mortal Man pub where there are usually lots of cars anyway.


Route Map

Walking along Ing Lane towards Troutbeck Tongue (behind the building), with the Ill Bell ridge above the valley.
It was another hot sunny day today; much hotter than we expected, but with a definite autumnal feel to it.

Looking in the same direction from a little further along the lane.

This was the point where we stopped following Ing Lane and headed across the field to right hand side of Troutbeck Tongue.

Troutbeck Park seen from the opposite end of the field seen in the previous picture.

Troutbeck Tongue summit.

Caudale Moor, Threshthwaite Mouth and Thornthwaite Crag seen from the Troutbeck tongue ridge.

Heading down to Trout Beck, where we would cross the beck and follow a path running to the left of this picture.

Caudale Moor, Threshthwaite Mouth and Thornthwaite Crag, this time seen from the fellside just above Trout Beck.

Trout Beck.

Looking back through the Trout Beck side of Troutbeck Tongue. (a lovely, peaceful spot)

Our route today would link two fells on the opposite sides of the A592, with no obvious route connecting them. To get up to the road we had to find a route from Trout Beck, but before leaving the valley we took a short de-tour to have a look at this stone bridge.
We weren't sure of the exact origins of the bridge. It obviously isn't a modern bridge and it has no resemblance to the traditional packhorse bridges found in the Lake District, so our only conclusion is that is could have a connection to the Roman routes through this area.

Some of the inquisitive cows that were grazing near the bridge.

Crossing Woundale Beck, just below the main road.

Wide open, pathless fellside below Idle Hill. The heat and humidity was starting to take it's toll now. I can't remember the last time I struggled so much on a walk.

Looking back to Baystones ( the highest point on the Wansfell ridge ). From here we continued along to Wansfell Pike, where you would normally get the best views from the ridge. Not today though, the haze was so bad that the long distance views were almost none existent.

Looking up Nanney Lane.

And now looking down the lane in the direction of Troutback.

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