23rd September 2006

Mardale Head to Wether Hill and a walk along Haweswater shore path.


Walk Overview
Time 09.15 to 14.55
Duration 5 hr 40 min
Distance 11.6 mile
Ascent 2785 ft
Walking with On my own
Mardale Head - Kidsty Howes - Kidsty Pike - High Raise - Wether Hill - Low Kop - Haweswater Shore Path - Mardale Head
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Mardale Head, Haweswater

Although I've listed this one as being a car park, the truth of the matter is, if you don't get here early you'll end up having to park along the roadside. At times the line of cars can stretch back along the road for quite someway, but this doesn't really matter. Simply park up at the end of the line and away you go.

Parking is free and despite its popularity there are no facilities at all.


Route Map

Haweswater seen from the path up to Kidsty Pike.

And looking ahead towards Kidsty Pike.

Kidsty Pike summit.
From here I headed right and followed the lower path across to High Raise where the weather just happened to be in my favour. All the fells on the High Street side of Kidsty Pike were under a thick blanket of cloud, yet I managed to stay out of the cloud completely and for quite some time on the ridge I was even walking in warm sunshine.

High Raise summit with Ullswater in the valley and the Wether Hill / Loadpot Hill ridge on the right hand side of the picture.

Another view looking along the the route I was following. This one was taken from the place where I rejoined the main ridge Path.

Sunshine on the fells around Martindale.


A close up of Angletarn Pikes and Heck Crag.
Notice the black looking Eastern fells behind. The pointed fell (top / middle) is Catstye Cam.

The path to Wether Hill.

Steel Knotts and Hallin Fell making Ullswater look like two lakes.

Heading across the pathless open fellside to pick up the path between High Kop and Low Kop.

Haweswater seen from the Bampton Common area.

Measand Back and Fordingdale Bottom.

Four pictures looking back along Haweswater; taken from different points along the path.




Looking down to the place where Riggindale Beck enters Haweswater. At one time these would have been the fields above the village of Mardale Green.

Riggindale Beck.
It's rather difficult to see in this picture, but a stone footbridge must have crossed the beck here. What remains of the bridge can be seen on the left hand side of the beck, at the end of the section of wall. One of the stone slabs is laying just to the left of the "little" waterfall.

Another picture looking in the same direction this time showing a more clear view of the Straights of Riggindale (skyline) and Kidsty Pike (the pointed fell).

One last view of the area.

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