26th September 2006

A walk around the remote area near Devoke Water.


Walk Overview
Time 12.55 to 15.20
Duration 2 hr 25 min
Distance 4.5 mile
Ascent 676 ft
Walking with On my own
Birker Fell Road - Devoke Water - un-named peak - Water Crag - Rough Crag - Birker Fell Road
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside parking, near Devoke Water (Birker Fell road)

Being one of the least frequented area of the Lake District means that the limited parking around here is generally adequate anyway. The obvious place to park to reach Devoke Water is at the crossroads at the Birker Fell Road for High Ground or Devoke Water. Although, there are a actually couple of other places close by with space for a couple of cars each.

Needless to say parking is free.


Route Map

Looking back along the track which leads from the Birker Fell road to Devoke Water.

It only takes about ten minutes to walk from the road to Devoke Water, yet even at this point the area has a feeling of remoteness about it. A feeling which increases as you walk further down the side of the tarn. When you finally reach the far end of the tarn you really do feel as though you're in the middle of nowhere.

Another view looking down Devoke Water. This is the side of the tarn I walked along.

As I said "the middle of nowhere". This is a very wet and boggy area and not a good place to walk during poor visibility or at any time if your not 100% confident about where you're going. When walking in this type of landscape it really is easy to get it wrong, continue walking and all the time getting further away from where you think you are.
The un-named peak on the left of the picture is the one I walked across to and the dark fell in the background is Muncaster Fell.

And now a view looking back the way I had just walked. After having a sit down and something to eat I headed for Water Crag, seen here on the left of the picture.

Sun shining on the little fell called Barnscar. A very wet area indeed.

Looking back up to the cairn on the un-named peak.

Another (un-named) from this walk; a little tarn on route to Water Crag.

For part of the walk I followed this path which is marked on the map as running between the Birker Fell road, past Devoke Water and then down to the A595 near Waberthwaite. Along a few sections of the route there were stones placed on opposite sides of the path. They were far too precise to be natural and if they had been placed there recently to mark the route then I would assume they would have been built as a line of cairns. I was beginning to wonder if this was in fact a much older route and the stones had been placed in this manner to prevent the unobservant traveller from straying into some of the boggy sections found in this remote area.

Waterfalls at Linbeck Gill ( Devoke Water's outflow ).

Devoke Water seen from Water Crag.

Heading to Rough Crag.

The view back into the Lake District from Rough Crag.

Stickle Pike seen in the distance.

A close up of Green Crag, taken from Rough Crag summit.

Almost back at the Birker Fell road and looking over some of the Eskdale fells to Whin Rigg and Illgill Head.

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