10th October 2006

The back O'Skidda fells


Walk Overview
Time 08.40 to 14 20
Duration 5 hr 40 min
Distance 10.6 mile
Ascent 2907 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Peter House Farm - Dash Falls - Great Calva - Knott - Great Sca Fell - Meal Fell - Trusmadoor - Great Cockup - Brocklecrag - Peter House Farm
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Parking spaces, Peter House Farm, Orthwaite

The half a dozen or so spaces here are found along some very narrow roads around the northern side of the Lake District. In places, you just hope you don't meet anything coming in the opposite direction. Even though there isn't a great deal of space, this is somewhere I'm always confident about getting parked.

This spot offers convenient access to the Uldale / back of Skiddaw fells, and the track leading to Skiddaw House.


Route Map

Brockle Crag seen just after the start of the walk.

Binsey in the distance with the valley below Dash Falls enjoying the sunshine (but not for long).

Heading up to Great Calva.

A close up of Skiddaw House.

Looking back down the path on Great Calva.

Great Calva summit. While we were here we could see the cloud starting to drop below the summits of the higher fells and the rain starting to fall. From here we carried on with the walk, but were constantly thinking about options for cutting the walk short, should the conditions get too bad. The fells around here aren't the kind of place to be walking in rain and low cloud for long periods of time.

From Great Calve summit looking across to Lonscale Fell.

The wet area between Great Calva and Little Calva. Our route took us along the fence almost as far as the tarn and then off to the right.

As I said this is a wet place.

Knott summit in the cloud and starting to rain.

Great Sca Fell.

Sunshine on Overwater, but rain everywhere else including where we were.

Walking across to Meal Fell.

Burntod Gill seen from Trusmadoor which is the lowest point between Meal Fell and Great Cockup.

The view from the top of Brockle Crag, with Dash farm in the trees and Dash Falls at the head of the valley.

The ford at Cow Wath.

The bridge over Dash Beck and the winding road up to Dash Farm.

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