5th November 2006

A walk on two smaller Northern fells - Longlands Fell and Brae Fell


Walk Overview
Time 10.20 to 12.10
Duration 1 hr 50 min
Distance 4.7 mile
Ascent 1371 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Longlands - Longlands Fell - Brae Fell - Charleton Gill - Charleton Wath - Longlands
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside parking, Longlands

With some degree of sensible parking you could probably get ten cars parked here. Once these are gone then I'm afraid it's a case of going elswhere. The roads around here simply aren't wide enough to accommodate roadside parking.

Parking is free.


Route Map

One of the fine houses at Longlands.

Looking back along the track I'd been following from the start of the walk at Longlands.

Looking back again, this time from a little higher up the path on Longlands Fell. The tarn in the centre of the picture is Overwater.

Longlands Fell topped with cloud. It is easy enough to walk straight to the summit by following the path seen in this picture.

Just past Longlands Fell summit. Visibility wasn't great along the higher sections of todays walk and when walking in this type of terrain during these conditions things appear even worse.

Charleton Gill runs between Longlands Fell and Brae Fell and is fed by two smaller tributaries. This picture is looking into the top of the first one which I reached soon after leaving Longlands Fell. Rather than continue through Broad Moss and then trying to pick up the path from Great Sca Fell to Brea Fell, I took an off path route across to the other of the tributaries. It was simply a case of walking along the side of the fell and trying not to gain too much height. When I reached the gill I then followed it up hill to its highest point. From there it was a short walk across to Brae Fell summit.

Brae Fell summit.

Back out of the cloud again and heading towards Charleton Gill.

The view up the inside of Charleton Gill.

Looking in the same direction, this one taken from the Longlands Fell side of Charleton Gill.

Almost at the end of the walk and walking back towards Longlands.

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