9th December 2006

Ambleside to Little Hart Crag via Low Pike and High Pike


Walk Overview
Time 09.10 to 14.20
Duration 5 hr 10 min
Distance 8.8 mile
Ascent 2618 ft
Walking with Jennifer
Ambleside - High Sweden Bridge - Low Pike - High Pike - High Bakestones - Little Hart Crag - Scandale Tarn - Scandale Pass - High Sweden Bridge - Ambleside
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Ambleside

Ambleside offers quite a few different car parks, all of which are very close to the main town centre. I should offer a word of caution though; don't forget to bring plenty of money to buy a parking ticket.


Route Map

High Sweden Bridge with Low Pike on the skyline. This lovely packhorse bridge is found about a half hours walk from the centre of Ambleside. A perfect walk for those who want to escape the crowds, but don't want to venture onto the higher fells.

Low Pike and High Pike seen as we made our way from High Sweden Bridge to the ridge itself. The wall which can be seen running along the skyline makes a good navigation aid in poor conditions as it continues for almost the entire length of the ridge.

Looking across to the head of Scandale and Little Hart Crag, just as the first of the showers reached us. At this point we thought it was going to turn into a wet day on the fells, but as we gained height the rain eased off and when the next shower did appear it fell as snow which I always enjoy.

Ambleside and Windermere seen from Low Pike.

Heading towards High Pike.

A close up of the sunshine on the Langdales.

And looking in the opposite direction to some more sunshine on Little Hart Crag.

If you're patient enough you'll get what you want and after standing still for a while the sun eventually worked its way across to us.

Fifteen minutes later we had left the main ridge and were walking across towards High Bakestones in another snow shower.

High Bakestones summit cairn.

A short parting of the ways; Jennifer walking below Little Hart Crag and heading for the top of Scandale Pass as I take a de-tour to visit Scandale Tarn.

Apart from the spots on the picture you can't tell just how heavy it was raining when I took this picture of Scandale Tarn.

A picture of Scandale valley taken from Scandale Pass.

A superb sheepfold at the bottom of Scandale Pass.

Looking back up Scandale Pass.

And again from a little further through the valley looking back up to Scandale Pass and Little Hart Crag.


Once we had left Scandale and were heading back into Ambleside we could look across the fields for this view of the Nab Scar / Heron Pike ridge.

Looking back along the track we had followed out of Scandale taken from the same place as the previous picture.

The Golden Rule pub found at the bottom of Kirkstone Pass.

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