17th December 2006

A perfect Winters walk - High Street to Harter Fell


Walk Overview
Time 09.05 to 14.45
Duration 5 hr 40 min
Distance 6.8 mile
Ascent 2671 ft
Walking with Andrrew and Anne Leaney
Mardale Head - Rough Crag - High Street - Mardale Ill Bell - Nan Bield Pass - Harter Fell - Gatescarth Pass - Mardale Head
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Mardale Head, Haweswater

Although I've listed this one as being a car park, the truth of the matter is, if you don't get here early you'll end up having to park along the roadside. At times the line of cars can stretch back along the road for quite someway, but this doesn't really matter. Simply park up at the end of the line and away you go.

Parking is free and despite its popularity there are no facilities at all.


Route Map

Haweswater seen from the bottom section of Rough Crag's long ridge.

And looking across to Kidsty Pike from the same place.

Caspel Gate Tarn and the last section of the ridge leading up to a snow covered High Street.

The view back down to Rough Crag and Caspel Gate Tarn, taken from the edge of the snow line. The fells behind are Selside Pike and Branstree.

Walking up Long Stile towards the broad plateau of High Street.

Kidsty Pike and High Raise. I'm sure people in other areas must have been getting some sunshine as well, but from here there seemed to be an awful lot of cloud around. I think we were certainly in the right place today.

Snow drifts along the High Street ridge wall.

More snow drifts, this time looking towards High Street summit.


As we were leaving High Street the snow and the drifts we becoming deeper. Great fun, but increasingly difficult to walk in when every step sinks through the thin crust of frozen snow.

After following the walk for a little while we turned off to the left and headed for Mardale Ill Bell.

The view across to Thornthwaite Crag showed us just how much the cloud was building up across to the south and the west.

Walking across to Mardale Ill Bell. The two fells on the left are Selside Pike and Branstree, the two on the right are Mardale Ill Bell and Harter Fell.

High Street seen from Mardale Ill Bell.

Standing on Mardale Ill Bell summit and looking down to Haweswater.

Approaching Nan Bield pass summit. Our route took us past the shelter and up the path on the right of the picture to Harter Fell.

Looking back along the path to Nan Bield Pass, Mardale Ill Bell and High Street.

Harter Fell summit.

And the route off the summit.

Heading down to Gatescarth Pass.

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