6th January 2007

One lane after another on a walk from Brockhole to Wansfell


Walk Overview
Time 10.10 to 13.30
Duration 3 hr 20 min
Distance 7.8 mile
Ascent 1860 ft
Walking with On my own
Brockhole - Mirk Lane - Holbeck Lane - Robin Lane - Hundreds Road - Wansfell Pike - Wansfell (Baystones) - Nanny Lane - Troutbeck - Robin Lane - Wain Lane - Brockhole
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Car park, Brockhole National Park Centre

Apart from a visit to Brockhole itself, the only realistic option for a walk from here is to cross the main road and head onto the Wansfell / Troutbeck area via Mirk Lane or Wain Lane.

There is a charge and particularly during the summer months, this is a very busy place indeed.


Route Map

Looking back along Mirk Lane, not long after the start of the walk.

The route I was to take upon reaching Castle Syke Farm, at the end of Mirk Lane, turns right into Holbeck Lane and then almost immediately turns left up another walled track. However, in the hope of getting a decent picture of Windermere I walked (the wrong way) along Holbeck Lane for a couple of minutes. this turned out to be the best picture I could get, given the conditions of the day. I then went back (the right way) to continue with the walk.

The view back down the track between Holbeck Lane and Robin Lane.

I seemed to spend most of today's walk on tracks like this one along Hundreds Road. I would normally get a fine view up to Wansfell from here. Not such views today though; the cloud was far too low for that. I wasn't put off by this because I always enjoy walking in this area, even on dark days such as this.

Windermere on the left of the picture and High Skelghyll Farm on the right, seen from Hundreds Road.

Cattle in one of the fields next to the track.

Almost at the end of Hundreds Road. The path I turned onto from here can be seen leading straight ahead on the right of the picture.

Looking back to the place where I took the previous picture from.

The path I was on cuts across from Hundreds Road to join up with the main path to Wansfell Pike. This path isn't so obvious in places and would be quite easy to loose altogether if visibility was much worse than it was today.

Half way through a wet and muddy area I crossed just before reaching the Wansfell Pike path, which is visible running across the picture, in front of the the cloud. It can't be that deep can it? , , Yes ! I spend all this time walking the fells, with hardly a second thought given to how long the walks are, but when it comes to places like this laziness takes over and in an instant I've convinced myself the 30 second detour is too far to walk. Only myself to blame springs to mind.

Not far from Wansfell Pike.

The way to Wansfell (Baystones) from Wansfell Pike summit.

This picture was taken just before it started to rain on route to Baystones. Another wet area to walk through, sorry, I mean walk around, detour or not.

Taken when the visibility was getting better, as I reached the gate which takes you from Nanny Lane onto the Wansfell Pike path. From here I continued straight ahead and down into Troutbeck.

The rooftops of Troutbeck. Bucketing down!

The view back along Robin Lane with the cloud starting to lift from Sour Howes in the distance. The weather began to improve from here; by the time I got back to the car the sun was out and it was quite a nice afternoon.

The main aim of today's walk was to visit Middlerigg Tarn or at least walk past it as close as I could. I'm certain that the tarn itself is actually artificial and is on private land. Wain Lane does pass alongside the edge of tarn; separated only by a high wall, where, if you're tall enough you can stand on tiptoe and manage to get some good views of this lovely spot.

A couple of minutes before getting back to the main road I passed by this little bridge and ford. Not nearly as grand as most places in the Lake District I have to admit. But I still feel that many of the places I pass like this one, which most people wouldn't give a second glance, have an almost humble and unpretentious attractiveness all of their own.

Sunshine on the fellside below Wansfell Pike.

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