20th January 2007

A walk outside the Lake District - Pendle Hill


Walk Overview
Time 09.50 to 15.20
Duration 5 hr 50 min
Distance 7.5 mile
Ascent 1550 ft
Walking with OFC members
Four Lane Ends, Clitheroe - Lane Side - Little Mearley Hall - Scout Cairn - Pendle Hill (Beacon / Big End) (557m / 1,827ft) - Ogden Clough - Mearley Moor - Mearley Hall - Four Lane Ends, Clitheroe
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Route Map

The view across to Pendle Hill. Today's walk took me away from the Lake District and onto a hill I hardly knew existed, let alone one which I've climbed before. The reason for this expedition south; well, , Lancashire actually, was to join members of the Online Fellwalking Club who were taking part in a commemorative walk to mark the centenary of Alfred Wainwrights birth in January 1907. The walk was led and organised by Peter Burgess who also arranged a meal in the evening, where we were joined by Mark Richards; the author of amongst other things, the Lakeland Fellranger guidebooks. Mark also gave a fascinating talk about his personal association with Wainwright. For the Wainwright enthusiast, some of the memorabilia Mark possesses must surely be worth its weight in gold.

As I've said this area is totally new to me, so you'll have to forgive the lack of descriptions. Hopefully you'll still enjoy the pictures.


nn and Liz saying hello to a couple of the locals, or at least the one tall enough to see over the wall.

The route we followed took us into the gully and then onto the hill on the left of the picture.

Heading into the gully with a view down to Clitheroe.

The ascent through the gully was very steep and extremely slippery, often needing the use hands as well as feet to stay upright.

Scout Cairn.

Shortly after leaving the Scout Cairn we reached this excellent shelter which was perfectly round in shape with a stone seat around the inside. We could do with a couple of these in the Lake District I think.


Quite a contrast in light as we reached Pendle Hill summit.

The wind was howling up here. This picture of Jill helps to show this as she is caught out by a sudden gust.

One section of the route took us through a boggy area where paving slabs have been put down to make the going a little easier by keeping walker out of the; well, I think the picture says it better than I can. I think I'm correct in saying that the slabs a somewhat recent addition to the area, but they do add an almost ancient feel to place.


And then the sun came out to give us some lovely views across the countryside near Clitheroe.

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