6th April 2007

A good, Good Friday - St Bega Church and Dodd


Walk Overview
Time 09.15 to 12.45
Duration 3hr 30 min
Distance 6.5 mile
Ascent 1927 ft
Walking with On my own
Scarness Road - St Bega Church - Mirehouse - Dodd Wood - Dodd - Longside Wood - Old Plantation - Scarness Road
Fells visited
Directory places visited

Starting Point Information Centre
Roadside parking, St Begs church, Bassenthwaite

There aren't many spaces here at all, but it does offer a possibility of getting parked if the car parks along the main road are all full.


Route Map

There were lots of new arrivals to see on the track from the car park to St Bega's Church. I knew I was going to be walking on a few consecutive days so I really didn't want to do too much today, so I headed up Dodd which is always a nice walk when it's something short I'm after.

"I'm sick of it here; they just treat me like another number".
"Never mind, I'm sure you'll get another job someday. What's your name anyway"?
"Are you trying to be funny or something, or can't you read".

St Bega Church Bassenthwaite. A peaceful place if ever there was one.



Quick, turn around and look at the size of that humans ears".
"What do you mean turn around. It's just taken me five minutes to stand up and face this direction without falling over".

Looking down to the Thornthwaite side of Bassenthwaite Lake. A couple of months ago the whole area to the left of the lake was flooded.

On the trail of the lonesome pine, well not exactly, but still a nice view across to the North Western fells.

There are broad tracks like this one all around the sides of Dodd. Pinpointing exactly where you are on the map can be a little confusing though, particularly along the wooded sections around the bottom of the fell. The best thing to keep in mind is; as long as you're heading up hill, sooner or later you'll end up above the woods and eventually end up at the summit.

The view down to Bassenthwaite Lake from Dodd summit.

And looking across to Barf, Lord's Seat, Broom Fell and Sale Fell.

A close up of Barf and Lord's Seat.

Dodd summit.

Keswick, Derwent Water, Portinscale and far too many fells to try and point out.

After leaving the summit we doubled back to what appears to be the broadest of all the tracks and followed a route back down to valley level.

And the track further down the fell.

If the ascent is as simple as walking up hill until you eventually reach the top, then walking down is equally as straight forward. No matter which track you follow sooner or later you'll end up next to the road; not always at the point you want to be, but that doesn't matter as there are good paths next to the road to take you back to the starting point.

Even unexpected paths like this aren't a real problem. Just keep walking until you stumble across another path going, down hill.

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